Dead robots still disappear

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  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where dead and alive Machines could disappear when looking away from them and then looking back.

Cant confirm this.
I fight against a rival hunter near Stenungsnäs in singelplayer game 10 mins ago.
After the end of the fight i can loot the runners but 2 of 4 hunter are diesappear, the rival too.
Thats bad then i need the ammo :smiley:

PS: Looks like the remaining time of dead bodys is to short, all dead robots are disappeared after posting this!


Agreed. They still disapper for me as well.

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Same here. It’s really annoying…

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Yup I’m on xbox and I have noticed it and they just float away into space

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Which is hilarious, but annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Too many despawns after battle. It’s really annoying when I finish off a robot and it’s gone before I get there - but OTHER players still see it. Sometimes it’s gone right after I drop out of scope. I just killed four Hunters and, while they didn’t despawn, they went to their heavenly reward before I could loot them. Almost as annoying is going head to head with an RPG Runner and, if he manages not to disappear, his loot menu is empty. On the plus side, I managed to play for an hour or two without crashing. I haven’t done that since before Christmas.