Dead robots still making noises


So I was playing and me and my friend annihilated a army of hunter and seekers and then I was killed by a tank and then when I came back the hunter bodies were still howling.


This a known issue and the devs have been acknowledged, happens to me to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Platform: PS4 Slim
Number of Players: 1 solo play
Description: Killed three tanks, 1 harvester, 4 or 5 scanners, a group of hunters and runners. Had to pause for a while and fast traveled out of the area, from farmlands back to the area just below it. When I resumed and went back to the area with the downed machines all of the ‘live’ machine noises were playing, including the scanners having their propulsion units on while sitting where they died. When I left and ran to another farm about 3 to 5 hundred meters away the scanner and tank sounds followed me. The scanner beep rate would even increase as I approached where the phantom scanner should have been. The tank sounds were its ‘I’m just scanning and making my deep bass burp’ noise.

Also, as far as phantom scanners. The propulsion jets from scanners appear visible at night without the scanner. The jets are fixed in the air. This happens quite frequently. It can be quite disconcerting to see the jets and think a scanner is close when it’s only the image of the jets.

Steps to reproduce: I believe just traveling away from the battle area and returning will cause the machine noises to be ‘on’ even though the machines are still dead.


I don’t think the downed machines continuing to make noise is so bad. Even the ones that make the noises usually made by other machines. They are broken, they shouldn’t be expected to work properly.


They are not broken they are dead. Maybe if they made a ‘I’ve been trashed’ noise but, having hunters howl continuously is not only nerve racking it can mask the appearance of new hunters showing up.


Sometimes they even make noises after their wrecks have vanished from the game.