Dear Devs: please stop destroying everything

Hopefully the North Coast and Marshland regions will be less destroyed.

I’m actually playing the May form starting at now, yet that one has something reasonable of issues, and clearly fresher substance and online play are going bye-bye that way.

Honestly y’all I’ve read through this topic and the way y’all have described things brings me back to seeing people first play it and running for their lives and yelling. I got the game after seeing that and remember how tricky fights used to be. Now I don’t even have an experimental but I’ve got 20000 rounds of ammo without the ammo craft update and fear nothing because I can just respawn and go kill it. Someone said on the forum that the more you die the less you care and without death penalties it doesn’t matter. Imagine the dread you would have in a fight if you lost your inventory if you died and had to go fight to get it back. Sorry for rambling thanks for listening if you were interested. :+1:t3:


I agree with OP. They are destroying the game, or evolving it ? I miss the wonder of discovery in a beautiful world and do feel like we have fallen into Fallout 4. The wonder and fear of the first two releases are mostly gone now and you are left with a brutal world to struggle and rage against.

That was me, sir.
I also suggested to have for instance all stats halved, and it would recuperate in about 10 to 15 minutes.
This way, folks would no longer dive into battle head first, die a billion times (cause it has no meaning, who cares?) and still get the game done.

I would like to say: A war torn land does not look like a well maintained museum, sir…

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I guess we all have made the suggestion of having weight in death.
As I’ve stated this really long ago in this post

I didn’t mean to beat a dead horse by saying that about a death penalty my apologies.

Ah, yes, many brought that up in the past, sir, agreed.
I did not mean to “take credit”, but take blame.

No need sir?
You did not do anything wrong?
Au contraire, it is good that you voice your opinion!!! :slight_smile:

Keep doing that, sir!!! :wink:

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For me the creativity of the devs is not destroying the game. I love their surprising new path.


I don’t think this being mentioned previously is anything bad. It just reinforces that there are people that seriously think the game’s improvement lies within a feature that actually restricts a player. I think us all having the thought ‘Fast travel and respawns are too easy’ just says more about ‘People can agree on an issue with the game’ and less ‘oh it’s been said before’. For me this is only positive and if more people agreed more with this sort of change, so the devs actually take action in that aspect.


Well, sir, I think many would point a finger at me, and rightfully so, if one thinks of an ‘extremist’, I think…
Most of the heavy penalty ideas/suggestions come from me, I was against many a thing (though now it being there I accept it), all to get more challenge, less ‘exploiting’ (due to the simplicity of the mechanics/results).
So, from that view onwards, yes, take blame. XD

Fully agreed, sir!
But unlike the April’s patch, have it optional.
I would hate it, if my ideas would wreck the game for those that love the game as is.

That is the single reason, I always opted for optionality.

One idea was to have “EVERYTHING” as a slider:
Machine reaction speed
Machine Accuracy
Machine Tactical AI (dodging. cover, …)
Machine Damage

In this way, literally everyone could have THEIR game, as THEY saw fit.
Want Uber machines?
Slide the sliders all the way to the right, and die as you please.
Want to feel like God?
Set sliders to left, and machines will virtually kill themselves.

Someone brought up (well a few hopped in), that this would be “impossible” for the multi player part.
I disagreed, since, it can still be adjusted, ingame.
It’s just a setting.
But this is not the point.
Point is, I never would ask anything that would affect EVERYONE.
That would be just totally wrong, and it would tear the community apart.
And just that… is what I do not want.
On the contrary.

I even think, that if would could actually do this, with the sliders, that it might attract even more players.
But that’s mere speculation, naturally, sir… :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried the new update yet, and I can’t wait to see the further revamp of the Farmlands.
I have requested a war torn area in GZ before, and darn it I’m happy to finally get it. The june update established that large battles had taken place in the Farmlands, so expanding upon this makes sense to me. The central Farmlands surrounding the airfield could very well be where the main battle between the military and the machines have taken place. Parts of the Farmlands like north of Boo and east of the river could perhaps remain untouched. However, I do hope that the entire GZ map gets revamped eventually. Not to dramatically change big parts of it, but to add interesting visual stories in form of battle scenes involving the military or the resistance. I suggest tearing the Farmlands a new one, maybe a few other large battles here and there, and then doing something more like the Archipelago revamp to the rest of the map. :slight_smile:

I hope the devs keep doing what they’re doing. The players can only suggest, but GZ is their game, their vision and their story to tell. I love the revamps they’ve done so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest. The only objection I could potentially have (in the future) is if the FNIX structures turn out to serve no purpose. I hope we one day get a revelation as to what FNIX is using them to accomplish. :wink:

The rest of this thread has turned off topic…


True, sir.
Full agreement here.

I do hope that the story, as mentioned here above, does get adapted to suit the new environment…

You should do a little exploring, the Farmlands are exactly what you “requested… a war torn area”.
Most farms are completely destroyed.
Boo escaped I think… or they have still not “Upgraded” that part yet :wink: .

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Altorp -576, 326 (destroyed)
Arneröd -798, 1945 (destroyed)
Åsö -885, 1983 (destroyed)
Lilla Dyrbo -1054, -414 (destroyed)
Lilla Svanhult -953, 1300 (destroyed)
Myrbacka -1791, 977 (destroyed)
Skinnarbol -512, -136 (destroyed)
Stora Dyrbo -1118, 1 (destroyed)
Stralsund 1, -256 (destroyed)
Svalby -385, -687 (destroyed)


As i said, sir, I really like it.
When I entered (FR was just released) back from my hiatus, and i walked around… I was astonished…
I REALLY appreciated what I saw.
The alien architecture (not literally alien, obviously lol) gave it a twist that I did not at all expect.

Now more change came though, and I just cannot dislike it.
Now… IF they rolled back to the old, original map, I would not care either.
Both do their thing, however, for the new map with the alien structures and new devastation, the story should be tweaked to match up…
But… that is me.

I’m not really sure if the devs add everything the community demands.

For example, people have been talking about cars since the beginning, and got a clear “No, this does not fit our vision.” last stream.

It’s of course tempting to assume that the devs are doing everything the loud people demand, and we have a Fortnite situation at hand where the devs pretty much make a different game then the one people paid for, but for the moment I’m not convinced.

For example things like crafting and storage were not shoehorned into the game in order to please the crowd, they were likely planned from the start, since shortly after release tutorial messages appeared which mentioned crafting and resource stations.
Similar thing with the “Bounties” tab on warboards, which I think is what became the rivals.

So while it might appear like the devs are adding in whatever the community demands, potentially compromising their original vision in the process, I’m not convinced that this is the case.

What I’m actually starting to suspect is going on:

The game we got in March 2019 was never actually the game the team wanted to make.
Instead, I think that at some point in development, they reached a deadline and had to stop developing unfinished and planed features like crafting, a more chaotic and detailed world, etc. and instead had to focus on making the game shipable and appear complete on release day.
And now they are mostly completing, piece by piece, their original plans.

This is of course all speculation on my part, and I don’t have much evidence to back this, but that’s what I’m suspecting.

Things like the machines becoming too weaker/dumber are of course a different issue, but I believe the new features and drastic map changes are mostly part of their vision, for better or worse.


There is some truth in it, since at the early days (early dev streams), people were asking why the assets in the game world are looking like copy/paste of each other. Devs response to that was that they didn’t had time to go over the map and hand place each and every asset.

However, as seen from the region revamps so far, all new assets are hand made and carefully placed into the world, giving every asset the uniqueness they now have; compared to the copy/paste assets we currently have in the regions that haven’t been revamped.

Oh, and to add to that. In early days, PvP was the #1 most asked feature until devs finally gave us a hard No for it.

There have been quite a few hard No’s that devs have given us in regards of different features, like: 3rd person view, swimming, pet machine, flying vehicles, better matchmaking system and some others.


Thank god for that!

(20 chars…)


And because of this I still have some hope the devs will stop screwing with concepts that are incredibly short-term or giving in to the vocal majority.

I agree with the contents of the post to a certain limit until the point where it would completely justify them. They did add melee and I’m not sure if that was ever their vision. NPCs were a popular request and even I saw the potential in that - IF done right! Crafting doesn’t feel out of place in this game, but feels redundant currently. The way gathering and discovery works is incredibly simple and doesn’t make sense, because our only source of raw material, component, clothing item or utility comes from a machine or container.

I remember the time when someone noted that crafting was mentioned without ever existing and that was a clear sign that it’s gonna happen eventually. It didn’t end up feeling out of place, but just like many other things - placing the Reaper outside through a level cap, hiding experimentals or really just handing over a perfectly functional experimental through lvl 25 or with rivals, giving melee weapons to frail teenagers, placing a crafting station and plundras in every single safehouse… big or small (even when that wasn’t a thing in the beginning, but some still complained that they wanted all the crafting station items in their small tent safehouse)

There are many things that were implemented for the sake of implementation, so that the vocal majority can have their fun. It turned arcade shooter and from the very first time playing the game, it felt completely like it was meant to be something else. The world was out to get me and hiding it’s secrets as we HAD to play smart or pay the price, but I actually think that in this state… There’s nowhere else to go, but up.

They shoehorned many things, even if seemingly some were planned by them, it all was implemented in a way that works, not in a way that makes sense, but now they have multiple foundations to tie together and make sense of… Crafting can be expanded upon to make sense of the completely fresh new stylish clothing that FNIX just gives us for being a good little rebel or those new toys. Story has potential to explaining why FNIX never seemingly kills us, but downs us. There’s still a chance to implement restrictions for fast travel. Story or NPCs can be expanded upon to make sense of the challenges tab that has all those silly challenges.

The devs I had the impression of in the beginning was that they’re talented and that they had a clear vision for their game, I still think the same developers are behind the game, but I don’t think that what we saw in the beginning and what we see now is that same vision.

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