Is anyone being hardcore of NOT jump between safehouses?

I’m curious if anyone does it the hard way and travels by bike or foot between safe houses.

I jump a lot between different areas for areas that I prefer to farm for ammo and areas I go hunting. Then I started thinking man I am missing out on a lot of great scenery. But then I start thinking about the annoyances of the bicycle not doing well on anything other than roads and am like eh.

I’m just here to again suggest the same thing I’ve done for months now - Cooldown timers on safehouses, so you can’t infinitely respawn and ‘finish’ that battle you died 50x times in.

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I believe on that foundation, that a new difficulty setting " survivor mode " for example

I use Fast Travel when i need to get from one part of the map to another. Though, i don’t use bikes at all. Not because how slow they are off-road (that i don’t mind) but how glitchy they are. With it, the bike race side mission in FNIX Rising DLC is the worst :confounded: mission i’ve played in GZ so far.

Main topic about that specific issue (exploit), alongside my proposed solution in here: Death Penalty When Dying

I have never used bikes, I walk or fast travel

I never fast travel, I do use bikes sometimes, but the world Avalanche have created is so beautiful I always enjoy walking through it in different weather and different times of day. For me the scenery, lighting and weather is the main reason I keep playing. Pretty much all the features the devs have added since the start haven’t been of much interest to me, but it is a lovely map!

Those atmospherics though!


Without being overly spoiler-y, from this discussion I get the impression that bikes are the only vehicle in the game.

Is this true?

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sorry to tell you. right now there are only bikes. there have bee talks of community members of wanting a moped.

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Ho. Lee. Crap.




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yeah. i hope the devs take this idea and use it. a moped would be really cool

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GZ is designed as a game where player walks the entire map. But if there would be motorized vehicles, players would be missing a lot of beautiful scenery and interesting POIs devs had hard time making. And even when walking/running, you still can miss POIs (i have).

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that is a fair point. then maybe a improved bike. like less glitchy, and maybe a mountain bike that is slightly better at offroad.

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Yes, current bike is quite glitchy and it would need some more work. However, there is a reason why devs added a street bike and not a mountain bike. Maybe you can figure out why.

Also, if there would be no Fast Travel what-so-ever then faster/better vehicles would make sense (e.g like in DayZ). But since there is Fast Travel and safehouses are placed roughly every 700m, i don’t see the need for any additional vehicles.

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I cannot, but am very curious.


Before interactable bikes came, there were (and still are) plenty of street bike props in the game and a lot of people asked if they can ride it (make it interactable). Eventually, devs added interactable version of the same bike as well. But since that bike is a street bike and not a mountain bike, it won’t be any good for off-roading.

Street bike is a smooth hint for players that vehicles aren’t welcome and it is intended for players to walk the entire map.

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I HAD noticed all those unusable bikes.

That’s truly funny.

I love this game more and more every day.

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