Death Penalty When Dying

There are many ways how to make the lost safehouses inaccessible for the player. Sure, you can put e.g red icon over it, indicating it’s capture and rather than just hiking back to it and vaulting inside of it, just to “unlock” it again, you need to destroy the machines guarding it beforehand.

Now leaving game and coming back,… would it still be “captured”?

If so, I would die a lot and retake the whole map,… :joy:


Since else-ways, you can cheese the game by just quitting to Main Menu and then Continue.

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And captured safehouse would have massive enemy spawns,… yes?

This is going in a great direction,…

Yes, I know the feeling … I can’t play half an hour without an crash. And losing ammo or experience because the game crashed would be frustrating. But the idea here is to discuss improvements that could make the game more interesting. Maybe one day it will run smoothly? One can only hope.

I know, right? This can be great!

Doesn’t have to be massive amounts of machines guarding the safehouse. For example, region specific guards based by class and type would do too.

Archipelago & Farmlands - prototype class of guards
Forest & South Coast - military class of guards
Mountains, Marshlands & North Coast - FNIX class of guards
Himfjäll - apocalypse class of guards

And to spice it up, different safehouses would have different guards. The less strategic (convenient) the placement of a safehouse, the weaker type of guards.

Random tent/barn/house - 5x runners
Lighthouses - 3x hunters
Churches - 1x harv
Command bunkers - 1x tank

Remember, we are talking about the expansion of my idea that deals with different stages of death penalty on different in-game difficulty levels. It would be only fair to have harder game on higher difficulty.

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I hope too and very much that the game run smoothly :wink: this evening luckily all run smoothly and I had a good time.

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