December Update - Now Live!


The final update before the end of the year is here! In this patch, we’re bringing along some general fixes and improvements to the game to keep things in good shape before we roll into 2021. This update also prepares the game to enable the new U.S. Weapon Pack DLC that is coming soon - so be on the lookout!

From all of us on the Generation Zero team to you, Happy Holidays!

Additions & Improvements

Here are some things that we wanted to give a little extra attention to, and that we believe makes your experience just a little bit better!

  • [Community Feedback] Added option to turn off heart beat sound when sprinting
  • Several locations added or revamped in the NW part of the Farmlands Region, with custom narratives and a few surprises!
  • We added directional signs in all major bunkers to help you avoid getting lost!
  • Weapon damage against environment objects has been tweaked to better match damage to machines
  • Inventory weapon stats tweaked in the Inventory UI to better align to gameplay feel - weapons have not been rebalanced, we’ve just updated the stats that you see
  • Melee weapons now have a charge indicator
  • Inventory items now sort by quality level
  • The name of a Collectible is now displayed in the HUD when picking it up
  • Rival name plates are now displayed for dead Rivals when aiming at them

Bug Fixes

Animation, Art, & Audio

  • Fixed an issue where weapons would still appear while players were performing emotes
  • Fixed an issue where no animations were playing for other players when you were using the Crafting Station
  • Fixed an issue where the melee attack animation would be looping after you were ragdolled by an exploding car
  • Fixed an issue where no animation played when going from prone to running if you were holding a piece of equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the out of breath sounds persisted after being downed from falling damage
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed Ticks could sometimes still be heard as if they were alive
  • Fixed an issue where players would rubberband on screen when trying to sprint and melee attack at the same time while being out of stamina
  • Fixed several LOD and object flickering issues


  • Fixed some instances of players crashing when joining a Friend’s multiplayer session
  • General improvements to stability


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Military class Tanks had an Apocalypse class mortar cannon underneath it’s regular mortar
  • Changed the spawn location for the Reaper in some instances so as to not put it in areas where it was prone to getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Ticks would not play their death animations
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the light effects from Ticks would remain in place after the Tick was destroyed/despawned
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed Ticks could sometimes still be struck with the Experimental Sledgehammer and give it charge
  • Fixed an issue where Tanks sight was unaffected by having its optic components destroyed


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the Rival Vision Module was not dropping during the main mission “Good Night”
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where a fence was blocking access to the lighthouse in the side mission “A Light in the Dark”
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where machine waves weren’t spawning in the Main Mission “Tidal Wave”
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the objective marker to kill machines was staying on some machines after they were destroyed in the main mission “For the Sick and Injured”
  • Fixed an issue where the first objective marker for the main mission “Piece by Piece” was not showing on the map or the compass from far away
  • Fixed an issue where the objective marker for the main mission “Tidal Wave” was still showing on the map after the mission had been completed
  • Fixed an issue where the objective marker for the main mission “Good Night” was still showing on the map after the truck had been destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with the interaction point on Fredrik at the Ringfort
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to finish the side mission “Never Trust Anyone” due to a missing schematic


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the Reaper’s components wouldn’t show up in your tech view after having picked up the blueprint
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the magazine icons for the HP5 and Kpist were switched
  • Fixed an issue where a French text string would play if you exceeded your crafting storage capacity while recycling items regardless of your set language
  • Fixed an issue where areas on Himfjäll were incorrectly labeled as “Homesteads” instead of “Settlements”
  • Fixed an issue where tracked beacons that were destroyed could not be untracked
  • Fixed an issue where the location of the mission was missing from the mission description for all FNIX Rising missions


  • Fixed an issue where the red light cooldown effect for the Experimental Sledgehammer was still showing in-world after triggering an emote or riding a bike


  • The bridge at Boo has returned!
  • Fixed an issue where a large boulder made it somewhat difficult to spawn a bike at the bike station for the side mission “In The Face Of Adversity”
  • Fixed an issue where the side mission icon was used for the Bergaskeppet nature site
  • Fixed an issue where cars and tractors that were on fire did not deal fire damage
  • Fixed an issue where some villas’ light switches didn’t work
  • Fixed a few instances of players getting stuck on objects
  • Fixed several issues of terrain and objects clipping through other objects
  • Fixed several issues of floating objects
  • Fixed several visual holes in the world
  • Fixed several instances of excess, or missing, collision


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where player hitboxes while prone and crouched were acting as if the player was standing
  • [Community Report] Improved how Collectibles are recorded so that players who pick up Collectibles in someone else’s game will have that recorded in their game, rather than it previously being recorded for the game host, not the player picking up the item; this fixes issues retroactively as well
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where pop-ups for online services for consoles were incorrectly being displayed when players were playing solo
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where sometimes when switching between characters after using the Crafting Station, custom apparel choices would carry over from one character to the other
  • Fixed an issue where Seekers were dropping Vision Modules at a 100% drop rate if destroyed by a melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the Reaper Rival could be looted more than once
  • Fixed an issue where the Xbox controller was vibrating louder and faster than intended when hip-firing
  • Fixed an issue where a player would have infinite stamina after being revived with an Adrenaline Shot
  • Changed the requirements for Tier 4 of the Eagle Eye Challenge to be 375 meters, down from 400
  • Clarified which doors can be lockpicked vs. doors that need a key

Known Issues

We’re highlighting a few issues below that we know are pain points so that you know we are investigating them. There are definitely more than are listed here that we’re looking into.

  • If another player who does not own the U.S. Weapons Pack DLC picks up one of the weapons dropped by someone who owns the DLC, the weapon will disappear for both players
  • The DLC icon for the U.S. Weapons Pack is not appearing on all quality levels of the weapons, only the initial items you receive
  • If a scope is attached to the Magnum, when aiming down sights the scope will be off-centered making it difficult to aim properly
  • The Interaction prompt is somewhat offset at the Vehicle Station near side mission “In the Face of Adversity” in FNIX Rising
  • Side mission icon incorrectly used for world location near Dyrboslätten in the Farmlands
  • In rare cases, if a Host travels extremely far away from the Truck and travels back, the Truck will not respawn for the Host, a workaround is to re-create your game session (quit game, then continue)
  • The “NUM/” and “NUM*” keys have issues with being re-bound on German keyboards
  • The reinforced truck can be inadvertently pushed off course by players or machines, but it will reorient itself
  • Some players are unable to complete “The Hellmouth” and “For the Sick and Injured” due to Machines not being correctly counted when destroyed
  • Some players are unable to complete “Science of Deduction” if they trigger the cave-in sequence before actually completing the Mission
  • Some players may be unable to complete the Minken Bunker Mission even after they are able to gain access while having only 2 out of 3 keys; a potential workaround is to restart your game session (close program, then relaunch)

Patch Notes December 09 2020
Tanks sight still unaffected by having its optic components destroyed (in most cases)

Great job everyone! I always get lost in bunkers!


Nice one, thanks. I’m looking forward to try this asap.

This is great but could still be improved. Please provide additional sorting option by name. This way items without quality can be looked through more easily. This would apply for ammo and especially weapon attachments. I often keep spares but with all the types available it’s really hard to find duplicates with just different quality levels.


Cheers! Excellent work!
Finally I can finish the Tidal wave mission! :partying_face:


Yay, a new update is out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

11.9 GB update for me, with 7 mins for total download. Not bad. :grin:

After reading the notes, any way to disable the quoted feature? :thinking:


North Farmlands revamp? Sounds awesome!


Now this…is awesome


Shout out to all the 400M sharpshooters :dart:


I got Tier 4 because a machine shooting at me killed another machine in 400m distance. I didn’t shoot at that time, so the game doesn’t (or didn’t) check if the projectile came from the player or another machine :joy:


That’s awesome mate, I used @Aesyle guide East of Tarnboda.

I think 418m is as good as im gonna get as draw radius if memory serves is 420m


Love the round bales. Even the mesh is spot on, and the difficulty of jumping over them. Can’t wait to see them in shadow. Nice one.


Nice to see all those bug reports getting some attention :+1:


I’ve been absent for a while, due to very hectic situations, 4 family members with CoViD-19 (mother, sister, her daughter, an aunt), so yeah…

I so hoped for machine AI fixes, but no.
For 1 year plus, this has been requested, sadly… no go.

I SO hope that the next patch will address these machine AI issues, and that it becomes a new game mode, or a separate option that can be toggled on or of in a current game mode…


Merged with main thread about the update. One is enough. For that matter, sorry you’re having IRL issues but you are not the only one and only so much work can be done in times like these.



Thanks for all the hard work, love the game and DLC, however still have no way of completing the On The Road mission, will not credit me after trying every fix on forum…anyhow thanks again and happy holidays all!


Good job. Love it so far. :sunglasses:


Time to break from hunting deer in COTW and back to hunting some machines :smile:


Managed to snipe out a seeker at 398 m just the other day… :see_no_evil:


Can’t lie this is my one wish. I hate having to look through the whole list because my ammo got put in at random. Would be nice to have them grouped together. 50 cal AP beside .50 cal FMJ, ect.


Nice that you fixed this bug. Now it would be cool if you could fix the more obvious bug about the firing angle of the morter. It points towards the player like an rocket launcher but it fires vertically through the tanks body.