Decoy bug, flare / fireworks

Platform: PC
Description: Enemies ignore decoys, flare / firework
Steps To Reproduce: Unknown. Random occurrence.
Images / Videos: None
Host or Client: Host
Players in your game: 1

2 clear incidents so far where single Hunter turn into flare direction, and shoulder weapon fires to player direction.
Multiple robots same combat, its hard to detect or be sure enough robots see the decoy.
In large combat notice couple of time after throwing flare and/or firework Tanks/Harvesters release salvo to player, not the decoy. Even when it clearly is in field of detection of the enemy.

Decoy functionality is important for this games balance. There is no much stealth mechanic but crouch moving. Combat you have EMP and decoys. If the decoys are ineffective, there is not much options left in combat or avoidance.

I notized that different machines react to different throughables. For example hunters react very good to flares, tanks not that much. They often ignore them when they’ve seen you. Fire works didn’t work very well when i tried them against hunters. They were more effective against tanks. But I didn’t play much in the last month so this could be changed in the latest updates.
It often happend to me that I throw a flare, the hunter turned to it and when I shoot the hunter and dealed some damage, he turned to me and igored the flare.

More advanced machines have better sensors and aren’t fooled by decoys that easily. That’s why decoys doesn’t work for all machines.

That’s normal occurrence and i’ve seen it many times. Then again, if someone would shoot at you, you’d also turn and return fire.

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Yes, at first I thought the flare is so bright that the hunter is not able to see something else or overloads the sensors and is forced to attack it. But they are still able to decide to attack you if you give them a reason.

Started to happen after last update, haven’t played for month or so. Exact time frame is not known.
But those 2 times both with single Hunter, i was just escaping combat. And used decoys to get distance.

Tanks mostly ignore flares / decoys, thats fine. And its always been like that. But instant retaliatory attack after decoy is thrown is somewhat weird.

This can be WAI situation also. And we have to just adapt tactics according to it.
Need to keep collecting more data.

New target came after fight, 1 runner. And was not engaged in combat. Heard its sound, so throwed flare, to lure it open. Clearly can see that runner attacking that current flare and not me.
From screenshot you can see that it fired me on instant i was visible. Only after that i returned fire.
So there is something funky about how decoy’s work in the game.
This is so far the most clearest incident what i managed to observe. In fight which has multiple enemies this type of behaviour is really hard to detect.

With run speed lvl 2, you can outrun any machine, including hunters. Stamina amount and stamina recharge at lvl 2 helps quite a bit with this.