Default multiplayer settings

Can you make the matchmaking default setting to “off” the amount of times I’m being kicked when I join a random matchmaking game only being kicked by player soon as I join because the host is unaware of it being turned on as default and wanting to play solo. It’s bad enough spending so much time looking for a stable game without it crashing as it is with the latest dlc being so full of game crashing bugs.

Since GZ was first and foremost designed as a co-op game, it makes sense that the multiplayer settings, in regards who can join your game, are set to “Anyone” by default.

Switching the default multiplayer setting to “Invite Only” (which devs did switch around, some time ago, after several player requests), led to a situation where almost no multiplayer games were available. That especially hurt the new players since they didn’t know how to “turn on” the co-op aspect of the game.

I get the positives and negatives of both default multiplayer settings. However, i still think that the default multiplayer settings should remain “Anyone”, rather than “Invite Only”. Since in the end, GZ is marketed as a co-op game with the ability to play solo, not vice-versa.

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