Delete items from Plundra


How is it, that we do not have ability to simply delete items from the plundra? Having to transfer them and then drop them is absurd or an oversight. Probably an oversight. Please fix this in a future update.

P.S. Don’t try to explain it by saying “that’s more realistic”…The plundra is already unrealistic, but necessary. This game needs many quality of life improvements, this being only one of them.

Not complaining, the devs have much on their hands.


Plundra isn’t necessary. It is a privilege, rather than a right.

When GZ 1st launched, back in the end of March '19, there was no Plundra what-so-ever since the GZ was intended as a game where you are constantly on the move, while having only that what you can carry. Did it stop players playing the game? No, it did not.
For example, i completed the entire vanilla main and side missions without Plundra being in the game.

Also, what you are asking is convenience, rather than the quality of life.
Taking things out of Plundra and dropping them on the ground VS magically deleting them = convenience.
Getting stuck while crouched in a tent and having to Fast Travel out, and then walking all the way back VS without getting stuck in the first place = quality of life.


Back in ye ol’ dayz we had no Plundra, and it was far more enjoyable, sir.
You had to make decisions on the fly on what to pick up, what not.
It PROVES it can be without plundra.
Thus, therefore, sir… it’s NOT a necessity…

The old one was also far more logical, sir, you could place items to your liking, and that was how it stayed untill you changed all again.
In the current one… it is a mess, no matter what you try.

So, I concur fully with miss aesyle! :slight_smile:


@Aesyle @Xogroroth
You have both focused on something that was not even the main point of my post, and which I could have left out. My purpose in saying that it was ‘necessary’ was to show appreciation for the feature and say that is necessary ‘for me’. If you feel so strongly about something, it’s wise to found out exactly what someone meant before attacking the idea. Yes, ultimately the Plundra is unnecessary, I finished the game myself without it. But I prefer to be able to play a game and make progress in a timely manner without an excessive (IMO) amount of grind especially on a second playthrough. The word necessary is a relative one. One can argue the entire game is unnecessary.

My point, since it seems like it never got across, is that any feature incorporated into a game should work easily and intuitively without having to jump through unneeded hoops. The entire point of the plundra, it seems to me, is ease and convenience for those who CHOOSE to take advantage of it. IMO having to remove items and then drop them is very inconvenient, frustrating, a waste of time, and adds nothing to gameplay. The reason that I make posts such as this is so representatives of the studio (such as yourself) can forward the concerns of their CUSTOMER to the devs instead of trying to make excuses or argue, Aesyle.

Also, @Aeysle,

Quality of life issues in games are often about convenience. Quality of life refers to things that are nice to have, but are not really absolutely necessary. It is things that make it easier/less frustrating on the player, thus the phrase ‘quality of life’. Convenience is a subset of ‘quality of life’.

Getting stuck in in a tent ,or a container, which happens often btw, is an example of an unintended gameplay result known as a bug. Yes, that improves my quality of life when it is fixed, but it goes under the CATEGORY of BUG, not QoL.

@Xogroroth, I agree that playing without a Plundra has merits, like playing Halo where you can only carry 2 weapons. I get it. But if it’s in the game, it should work in an efficient manner. Perhaps they could have it where the Plundra is only available on Adventurer mode.

Not hating on either of you, by the way. Thanks for the input. Have a great day!!!:grinning::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Peculiar, sir…
As I see it… you actually said it is " necessary "?
Anyone would take it as: “Cannot be missed, period”.
Can anyone confirm, please?
I mean, could be me of course, in that case, I apologize.

But, on the chance that it will be taken as I said: it was not our fault to react on this, sir.
Maybe you put it a bit wrong?
I do that all the time.

Also, sir, neither of us engaged you in any way or form, we just corrected something that you probably placed in a less good way.

Now, where I do agree the current plundra system and inventory is a tad very messy, and could use a touch.
That being said, there are far more important things that need a touch I fear, such as there be total unplayability for some.
One could argue, it should be the first thing to address…
But what do I know.

Either way, sir, yes, plundra sure could use an upgrade, or downgrade (I really liked the ol’ one), but none of us attacked you…


There are several features added to the game which aren’t easy for the players and doesn’t require thinking on the player part.

For example: Rivals and experimental weapons.
Getting any experimental weapon isn’t child’s play and linear, e.g go to X spot, pick it up. 1st you need to level up your char to lvl25, if you even want to have a chance of experimental drop from the rival. Leveling up char takes a lot of time and effort. And that’s just the beginning.
Once you’re lvl25, you then need a Rival and here, it isn’t easy either (e.g go to X spot to meet a rival). You need to take out other machines and build up region score if you want to have a good chance of rival randomly spawning in.
Eventually, when you get a rival, it’s your choice if to level it up to gain better chance of experimental weapon drop or not since experimental weapon drop isn’t guaranteed from a rival. Even if you go out of your way to level up a rival to lvl4, then the issue of killing it becomes.
Rivals, especially higher level ones, are very though to take out and you’ll be spending far more ammo and first aid kits than on regular machine.
And once you get the rival killed, there is no guarantee that you get experimental weapon from it. There is only a “chance”. And even if you get experimental weapon from it, it may not be the one that you want.

In the above example, i counted minimum of 6 hoops. It would be far easier and intuitive if you can just go to X spot and pick up your experimental weapon, like you can pick up some 5* weapons (e.g HP5 or .44 Magnus).

Point is, there needs to be challenge and something to do in the game. If everything in the game would be easy without requiring thinking (e.g The Stanley Parable) then there wouldn’t be much of a game to play.

One can always argue about minute details of the game.

Another example:
Wouldn’t be far easier and intuitive if you could pick up weapons and they remain on your hotbar, without you even needing them to move there and it takes only one press of a button to equip in your hands? And as you advance in game, you pick up weapon upgrades to upgrade your weapons. E.g like it’s done in Doom: Eternal. :thinking:

Or one can always say that it is very inconvenient, frustrating, a waste of time to go around the world, searching for first aid kits and then equipping them to hotbar; rather than having dedicated button for heal item, that never runs out. (Latter has been asked in the forums though.)

Thing is, games are complex, some more than others and if there are some mechanics in the game that are unacceptable for a player, player has always a choice to play a game that doesn’t have those unacceptable mechanics in it.

Devs are reading the forums on their own, without me needing to forward players ideas to them.

And while i do moderate official GZ forums, i didn’t get GZ for free. I payed €35.99 for the base game, more than it currently costs on Steam (€24.99). So, playing the “customer” card doesn’t work since i am a customer as well.

Also, what’s up with the shout of being a customer? :thinking: Is it really a point of leverage in the USA? A cheesy thing to use to fulfill one’s demands? Since on this side of the pond (Europe), people doesn’t need to shout out and emphasize that they are a “customer” for them to be heard.


100% agreement, miss.

Ah no…
We has weight limit. :stuck_out_tongue:
That would be counterintuitive, eh miss. XD
We’d be unable to move if the bar got filled up? :smiley:

In all seriousness though: OP has a point when it comes to plundra.
I think we can all agree here.
However, they got other, far more pressing issues to deal with as I stated before.
Game breaking bugs (incessant crashes, game in some cases not even booting up, …) which need to be fixed first.

And then, they could take a peek into other things.
But… first things first, I say…

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


So if I have understood the whole back and forth correctly :thinking:, then a delete button for things in the Plundra Box is required so that they don’t have to be packed in the backpack beforehand and then thrown on the floor. So far so good.

Let’s say the devs install this button.

I want to hear the outcry when the first person accidentally extinguishes his experimental weapon. :scream::sob::sob:

I know, i’m a nasty boy. :smile:


Just wanted to pitch in here… There isn’t a delete button per se, but you can scrap a weapon or item for materials. Not from the Plundra directly, but I feel like it’s safer than accidentally pressing a dedicated “delete item” key in the stash directly. You even get a prompt with a warning when you try to scrap something.

Though perhaps a sorting function that some have requested before could also have this function
in the future.


I am perfectly fine with how the the plundra works now. But If this delete feature ever would be implemented, it would be better to make it a drop button, imho. That way, when made a mistake, you can pick it back up again, or an other player can.


Since the creation of the crafting stations, I’ve been shredding my low tier weapons instead of throwing them away.
I think the Plundra box is very good as it is and in my opinion there is no need to change it


Why not the same drop button from inventory?
It’s already there, that system, nea?
Just link this to plundra?
Merely thinking out loud, sir.

Indeed, good sir.
Not sure where I put it…
But a sort function would be sweet.
Actually, I’d myself would prefer a mixture between the ol’ system with the li’ll boxies, so you can put and lock whatever wherever, and yet have tabs.
For me this would be the best (of both worlds)…

Precisely sir. :slight_smile:
Great minds do think alike. XD

This is where the issue is, of course…
One likes it as is…
One does not…
One cannot ever please all… :frowning:


There i fully agree with you sir. :+1:


Of course, good sir…
Great minds… XD


It is precisely comments like these on your part that give the impression as a representative of the company, that the company doesn’t care about the needs of the customer. It is the customer that keeps a business running. That is why I felt the need to remind you of that. As others have noted, you often have a snarky and argumentative/dismissive attitude. With that, I am officially done offering help and ideas in this forum. I wish the devs the best of luck with their game.


I literally explained it to you. Words can have multiple meanings. Necessary does not always mean ABSOLUTELY necessary. Goodbye


Hi Oc3, not sure if you will still read this, but like you said in your last post, “Words can have multiple meanings”, so also, the feeling a post conveys can wrongly come across as snarky, even if not intended as scornful. I know from experience. Sometimes it takes a while to get to know a person better to understand that they have not the intention to be mean. Some people are simply more direct, without beating around the bush. While others are more gentle and moderate. It’s widely known that written text compared to a face to face talk, can more easily be misinterpreted. Especially if no emoticons are used to display the mood. :coffee:


Discussions on forums are often opinion-based. People will argue their opinions in different ways.
Some may be passionate about it. If you can’t accept that someone doesn’t agree with you, and insist on resorting to petty insults instead, you automatically lose any credibility you had.

TLDR; Don’t create a suggestion topic if you don’t want others’ opinions on it.

Since @oc3 has decided to abandon his own topic, I’ll be locking this. :lock:

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