Deleted posts/comments

If I have a post/comment removed for some reason, do I get any type of notification? I am asking because I posted a comment but a couple of hours later I cannot find it and it is not even showing up in my activity.

Let me check if any of your comments have been deleted lately!

I can’t find anything that has been deleted:) might be an error somewhere else

it was a response to someone complaining about the lack of fixes in the new update (before the patch notes were released) the comment i responded to is also gone so it doesn’t really matter anyway i guess. thanks

aah it might be that I removed a reported comment and your reply got deleted along with it in the process

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Correct if the post your comment was attached to our forum software automatically deletes it. Sorry about that.

my deleted comment was basically telling them the full patch notes were not even released yet so now that they are, the post I was responding to was proven false anyway.