Denmark have no place to get the game help plz

Hi you need to do something i Denmark the shop is hope les
first you ware not able to order Generation Zero Collectors Edition
then it got ½ way fixed i got an order of no
mail to confirm it coming
mail with there support takes days and you get a non answer.
pleas work whit another shop that takes care of the costumer
thers a big one called maby i see that shop have the normal version.
pleas help

That’s unfortunate, I’m sorry for you. Have you tried ordering the Collector’s Edition off Amazon?

If I order it o amazon maby i dont have it on release that will bee sad.

Yes, but that might be the only option you have right now. The chance that Avalanche is going to add another retailer before release is nil, anyway

You could always get it on Steam?

Not the collector’s edition.

You can buy it from bro