Depth of Field Disable Option Needed

The game is fun so far!
But it needs options for disabling Depth of Field.

This is especially bad when aiming at things, instead of getting a simple zoom, we get a zoom that makes everything blurry except wherever we happen to have the aim point. This artificial blur shifts quite unnaturally, and the game would look better if we could turn this off.

Adding this as an option in the graphics menu instead of making it mandatory would be a great addition imo.

Keep up the great work guys!

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There are definitely some options missing.

Motion blur is a big one for me, can’t wait to turn it off.
As you said, Depth of Field I’d also like to get rid of.
I’ve seen some people mention head bob, I don’t think it’s that bad but it should still be an option.
That smeared glass filter across the screen also needs a toggle to go away.