Desperately looking for binoculars

Unfortunately, my main character picked up and dumped several binoculars. Now I need them for my second character. Apart from lighthouses, Yttervik, the Hikers Camp and FOA2, do you remember where I can find any ?

I believe you can find a pair at Saltvallen IP.

Thanks, I will go there immediately.
Edit: YES, they were there, waiting for my beginner fighter. :+1:

Btw, What does IP stand for in Saltvallen IP ? Salt means salt I presume, and vallen ? A valley ?


IP is idrottsplats. Sports/athletic field.
Vallen is a common name in sweden for such a place. With another Word before vallen like here salt. Not sure how to translate that. But maybe embankment or levee. Because a swedish “vall” can be both.


Interesting. I am a school teacher irl, so you understand, I like words.

There are binoculars in green building near the castle ruins.

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Don’t they always spawn at the first house at the beginning island. Unless the new update changed that.

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i hate the binoculars as i never use them and i can never escape them, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE… SAVE ME PLEASE!!!


I mean, I used them a little early on before I got a 4-8x scope, but they really are honestly useless most of the time unless you specifically perk into stuff to use them to spot or hack.

Binoculars useless? They inform me about remaining health of a Fnix tank I am tediously bringing down… And a cool coloured half transparent picture of its internal organs. That costs just one perk and blueprints. Can you get it within a scope?

Nb. Now it was fixed in June release and tanks explode at 0% of health and not at 75% as before.

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there was issues , but it was crazy when they where in every loot box , personally i think the new change is great , there is spots for them still . thankyou devs !

Binoculars with the thermal imaging option are really useful to reduce your chances of running into a group of hunters and for finding that damned seeker you can hear but can’t quite see.

The thermal imaging lets you see robots from a considerable distance away, so if you are charging through the woods to get somewhere you can stop every once in a while and just check the area you are approaching, also uses them before venturing out into open areas to see if there is anything nasty about.

Ever have a Seeker you can hear but can’t see, the binoculars with thermal imaging work wonders

They are also useful to get an idea of how large a gang of Runners or Hunters are from a distance.

They are also quite handy for checking the most damaged areas of a Tank or Harvester, if you have the skill added

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@Bazyl LIke I said, unless you perk into the stuff for them. I’ve seen some people running without those perks (and I actually haven’t taken them yet on my main character at level 23).

@cta102 IR vision modules work just as well with scopes for long-range spotting. In fact, I’d argue they work slightly better because you can get higher powered scopes than you can get binoculars.

its a nice perk to pick up, especially as its required for that +10% component damage trait.

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Field of view on the sights (I only use the 6 to 12 power scopes) makes them less useful than binoculars

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