Destroy Ticks causes crash (melee weapon)

It has happened more often now that the destruction of ticks (daily task) with a melee weapon, e.g. bat, hammer exp. caused the game to crash for me. There seems to be an error in there.
There are no pictures because this happens surprisingly and not always at a certain number
Platform: PC/Steam
single player
Win 11 Pro, Ryzen 2600, 1030GT

I’m guessing this is related to the broken apex connect thing.
I had the same with the “destroy 3 tanks” task.
After killing the first tank the game crashed and I wasn’t able to start it again.

After deleting my apex connect account I was able to restart the game and immediatly got a message about completion if the assignment and the rewards.

The destruction should trigger the counter or the accomplishment of the task. If the game isn’t able to send this info to the apex connect account or to process its answer then the game crashes.

I have now uninstalled and installed the game, started it without a savegame, crashed when loading the game before the main menu, checked data for errors, none found, turned off Steam Cloud, crashed etc. etc…

Now I can’t log in to the Apex Connect account.

So Apex is the culprit for me, I’ve tried it now without and the game works without problems, with it breaks off in the loading process before the main menu. So now I’ll be without playing until this is fixed, another bug for the list