Destroyed Rivals respawned after I returned to the area

Platform: PC

Description: I played yet another multiplayer session with a random host. People were coming and going, two of them attacked and destroyed 4 rivals near Saltholmen Church, they left the game shortly after that.
I went with the host as far as Norra Saltholmen Ferry Pier and we turned back. When I ran to the vicinity of Saltholmen Church about 5-10min. later I found two dead Rival - Hunters… and little bit further resurrected Harvester and a Tank. They had their tags and everything, but no map markers. Harvester even dropped an exp. KVM.

Steps To Reproduce: I don’t know was this a one time bug, because I never seen something like that. Try doing what I described above.

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 4

Specifications: i7 10700K, 32G RAM, RTX 3080

Ive tried recreating this, no luck, I think this is was just a fluke, but hey ya got an experi KVM out of it, I think it is a 1 time bug though