Destroying FNIX Base

Since i got the upgrade with FNIX bases, and i came to a base to destroy (Which is pretty hard) there is so much going on, that the game starts to run in slow motion. And after a little more time, the game crash every time. I dont know it can be fixed, or maybe i just may avoid the FNIX bases. I have a very good graphic card and 16 gb ram, which should be good.

Maybe it’s your os or your prozessor?
Are you playing steam or gamepass version?

It is the steam version. The game crash 2 times in a row with a specific FNIX Base, I cant remember the name, but it is at near one of the biggest cities. From long range of the FNIX Base, i heard the sounds of the turrets activating even i couldnt see them. Then it just crash. Second time i try to run fast to the base. And again there was lots of the turret activating sounds, and a big rain of things falling down fra the sky (It didnt looks like the spawn rain, because there was about 50 things falling down at same time). Then a little time later it crash. My processor is a intel core i7 2,9 ghz

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