Destructible buildings


Will houses and object like trees or fences be destructible? If not, it would change the game experience a whole lot. I mean it doesn’t seem really realistic that the houses made out of wood would have the same strength as a metal box and can stop bullets and stop the robots from destroying the house. If houses were destructible it would add a whole new aspect to the game where you don’t feel safe anywhere. I don’t know but it feels kind of over powerd to just run in to a random house and then your safe. It would also be cool if the houses had lasting damages like the robots do. Also explosions would look alot cooler if things actually got destroyed :slight_smile: Thanks!


It will be hard to workout for the devs. Most games dont have destructible buildings because then, they are quite useless and enemies can always attack. I personally think that smaller machines should be able to break down the doors and windows, and the bigger machines can fire through the windows and doors. It would be way too much work and limitations.


There will be no destructible environment in Generation Zero, sorry! Of course that would be amazing, but it’s demanding a bit too much of this small studio