Developers, please be stable

I post this because I think you as the developing team are destroying this game. Please don’t let yourself be fooled by a so-called ‘involved’ community, that keeps spamming request about more content, more difficulty, more enemies and more else.

I have been playing Generation Zero since its release. I was VERY positive about the game since start, even though there were way too many bugs for a ‘finished game release’. I didn’t care that it felt like and behaved like an early access. I never complained and waited for the good shit to come, and enjoyed what was there. I had great fun exploring the world, learn about the enemies, the weapons and everything else in the game.
I stopped playing for a while because the game had become unplayable. Be the time we needed like 40 rockets to take out simple tanks. I spent more time looting crates than shooting enemies.

I picked up the game again when the DLC Himfjäl came out. The game felt stable again, proper values for killing and getting damage etc. But it had all changed again, since last time. However, you introduced experimental weapons and rivals. Great! Really a good addition to the game, together with the new explorable island. I left the game after completing the DLC because RDR was coming out.

Now I’m back (since late april) mainly because I felt like it and because I gave the game to a friend as a surprise. but now I, but more importantly my friend, found out the game has become much more difficult all of a sudden and became seriously unplayable for new players.
The first Archipelago region was still okay, but by the time we started moving to the main island it became clear there is no place for any new players there AT ALL. If I hadn’t given him an experimental AG4 and shotgun, and a good hunting rifle, he would have stood no chance against the vast amount of tanks, harvesters, hunters and whatnot that kept hunting him as if the whole island knew he was there. And then he had a disconnection, and lost the experimental AG4 I gave him. Great!
I advised him to go to the southern land tongue, since that was a reasonable area for new players as far as I remembered. Well, it isn’t anymore. Not to mention the horrible fog we ended up in. That’s where he quit playing.

I myself found some other annoyances too. Let’s start with the ‘great new surprise attacks’ from the harvesters. Together with their tweaked rocket bursts, that are now an almost instakill, the constantly spawning hunters are a total overkill. Luckily I do have an experimental PVG 90 so I can quickly deal with them before they spawn a horde of hunters making it impossible to reach them. And somehow, since this hunter spawn, the tic-spawning chance in lootable enemies has degraded next to zero. After killing hundreds and hundreds of tanks, harvesters and hunters, I found “2 WHOLE TIC-POTS”!!! So much for a useless skillpoint, jet again.

But what frustrates me the most, is that I don’t find any experimental weapons anymore. Since I started playing again, I found 1 exp. grenade launcher. And I am pretty sure that was from a rival that was still in my game since I left it in december. And the dozens and dozens of new rivals I managed to spawn and kill only dropped experimental apparel. I can by now dress a complete platoon in whatever camo type they like, but I can’t give them ONE good weapon.

I have been very positive on this game since release and wrote a review on Steam that had at least 3 people decide to buy the game:
But I am really starting to change my mind. I think it is wrong that you constantly change the values of loot drops, dealt damage, taken damage, enemy behaviour etc. I do like the fact that you care about what the community says, but please be stable. Hold on to your own values and don’t change everything constantly. The game is good. Don’t ruin it. Fix what is broken and focus on cool new content. That’s what this game needs.

Thank you


Like yourself, I also came back after day 1 release. I live in a world where I find prevention is better than solution - and yes there are multiple issues with the title. Experimental’s are still dropping, and 95% of your issues are spot on - but have already been flagged.

It’s no longer a run and gun playstyle and at Level 31 completely setup to the teeth - I still have my ass kicked several times a playthrough. You could always head to the discord and look for trades to get yourself ahead and back up to a fighting chance.

GZ has never been that. GZ is thinking man’s FPS, not shoot everything on sight.

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I disagree, especially when the spawn rates have tripled, hunters fall from the sky, and Snitch bots alert the entire region turning a city into the battle for Stalingrad. Every battle is a massive slug fest. What happened to the roaming packs?

Cover is useless and gas hunters can cover an entire grid square in gas.

The dev’s still have not fixed the flying corpse bug. At least it only appears to affect the hunters now.

I’m happy the devs responded to the bug where tanks were resurrecting. Or the bug that allowed tanks to fire their weapons & drop ticks after you shot off the pods.

But now…crickets.


Yeah @SunCrusher, @zappa_lot not sure if he’s familiar with the early days when this was actually quite fun to play only having moderate gear and weapons.

Thinking man’s FPS has got to be the best statements so far from the actual gameplay I’ve read since returning.


Yes, now it has turned into a Swedish Halo. It used to be a thinking man’s fps. Sneak. Use cover. Evade and escape. Now, spray and pray.


Well written Binnatics, On point! Skirmish mode to me was perfect. Wouldn’t mind the new additions to behaviors if aggression is reduced. Put the current stuff in the advanced difficulty.

Today I tried a starting lvl character and got destroyed by 2 x doggie packs, +10 hunters, Harv and 2 tanks, at the airport. I gave up when the tanks showed up.

It’s a little ridiculous considering that it was on easy mode. I can’t imagine being a starting lvl player with green weapons.

None of the attacks can be dodged, rocket barrage is never ending & cover is a joke.


All attacks can be dodged (including Concussion Rifle on FNIX hunters) but you need to be aware of your surroundings and keep moving.

Shoot the rocket pod until it gets destroyed (on harv) or drops off (on tank) and no more rockets are fired at you anymore.

Depends on a cover. If you hide behind barn/house/garage, no machine can shoot straight through the building.

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Well there is still the bug, that the cluster bombs from Apo hunters fly through objekts like house roofs. I died many times in farm sheds by them.
Probably there is no hit detection/ obstacle detection of the main projectile before it exploeds to the small cluster charges.

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Apo hunter Cluster Mortar is nasty and best cover for those is any two story house, while you being on 1st floor. But i agree that it shouldn’t penetrate the ceiling of any building.

Latest update also introduced Concussion Rifle FNIX hunters back in the game who’s projectiles quite often penetrate through walls with pinpoint accuracy, making them far bigger threat, if not the biggest threat in the game.

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Well Aesyle,

If I have the .50 exp. rifle with loads of ammo, loads of bandages / adr. shots and maybe an exp. SMG for close encounters, there’s no need for cover, thinking or cleverness. I just snipe everything down from a distance, and either apply bandages / adrenaline shots when downed or respawn at the nearest save house. That’s the only cleaver thinking towards strategy in the game right now.

But thanx for replying, we need a discussion going on, we need attention! Hope that moves the devs to some proper rethinking of their progress on this game :wink:

Sniping is the safest way to survive and you don’t need 6* .50 cal to do it either. .243 s-rifle will get the job done as well, especially with silencer equipped to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another tactic (depending what you’re facing) is fortress style (you in the house, machines outside).

That’s not accurate. With railguns able to target through walls, the only, “thinking,” currently is coordinating .50 cal alpha strikes on machines.

Post update, run and gun is the only viable playstyle remaining. This has never been an easy game, but, because of how machine behavior cascades now, with the new difficulty? There’s no place for a careful methodical approach, because if you’re under the sky you’ll get bombarded by mortars. If you’re in cover you’ll be bombarded with gas. Either way, you’ll be bombarded by rail fire, flamers, and every machine in the zip code swarming for your blood.

I get that you want to see the game as an immersive sim, but, unless you farmed up enough experimentals before this? This patch killed that playstyle entirely.


Yeah I’m farmed to the 9’s

Just dropped 10 Adrenaline to a couple of guys that let me piggy back their map. Well happy :slight_smile:

Sure…when you go up against 1, but they don’t come at you 1 at a time. They attack in waves.

Cover is a joke. Either hunter shoot through buildings or boulders or you get gassed out. Harvs & tanks missile arcs easily shoot over boulders and into windows. I stand by my previous statement: cover is useless now.

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To add to that - there is a new kind of prediction in their attack as it seems. Yesterday we encountered bunch of enemies incl. two Mil tanks with mortars. Funny though both tanks targeted me and while the first one’s mortar rounds hit the place where I was at that time, the second one’s hit the ground in a direction where I tried to run to.

Considering the impact zone of the mortar shells, they’ve got a pretty good chance to down me every time they fired at me.

And if I tried to be closer to avoid mortar fire, they either gassed or stomped, which damaged my health as well - even if the gas cloud covering large area is maybe explainable, the stomp attack is abnormal and hit me where I didn’t believe it could reach.

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I have to disagree. Cover is still a good option but not every cover works. Since (some) projectiles still can penetrate walls, roofs, rocks etc. one has to be very specific with the cover.

This is exactly what I do. I try to find a 2-story building and hide in the 1st floor.

Nevertheless I’m not happy with the projectiles passing almost any obstacle and gas penetrating everything instantly. The last update looks a lot like brute force. Just spamming the player with everything surely makes the game harder. But the machines are still dumb as a loaf of bread.

I’d prefer a more sophisticated way the machine act and interact. Not just spamming everything they have on the player.