Devs COME ON Make It happen

Me and my friends uninstalled the game, we want vehicles with turrets, it would make the game so much better and give it something fresh plus over half of the community wants it so quit being a bunch of hard heads and make it happen. You have all the ideas for it.

Demanding something is not very good tone of requesting something to added into the game.
There are several discussion about vehicles. Constructive discussion and reasoning why they should be added is way to go.


:thinking: Not for me, thx…

And honestly I doubt that “over half of the community wants it” and that “it would make the game so much better”.

Except of course you have some thousand friends ? Hmm… oh no, they already uninstalled the game… sad…

My 2 Ct.


Your loss, not ours! :partying_face:

Try accepting the game for what it is, rather than making demands. Join a discussion on why vehicles is a good idea (it’s not), and make your wish.
It’s the dev’s game. It’s their vision, their idea and their fictional universe. They ultimately decide what’s added and what’s not. The players can only request. This dev team has been extraordinarily willing to listen to the community, and tons of things the players have wished for has been granted over the last 1,5 years.

Vehicles have been requested ever since release, but have not been granted. (Except for bikes.)
Vehicles don’t belong here, and the devs know it. They built all this beautiful, incredibly detailed environment for you to explore! Do yourself a favor and don’t even fast travel. You’ll discover something amazing. Some things you’ll only see when you take your time. The game is trying to tell you a thousand stories. Just slow down and open your eyes.

Or are you beginning to realize this game isn’t for you?


Please provide sources for this claim.

I did uninstall games before also, so what?

I want a popsicle.

This is questionable at best.

Why don’t you do it yourself? Nobody says you are not allowed to make a game yourself.


Having a go at the devs is not going to work.
End of story


listen this is not warthunder or call of duty, the game whould be to easy if you could just drive a tank into battle or a fighter jet, yes turrets for defending key safehouses maybe is a good idea but vehicles with turrets, no

How whould it be if you have like the road to salthamn mission and you just destroy the immersion and the feeling of generation zero with a fighter jet or a tank

As many have said. Making demands gets you no where. Also, “over half the community wants it”. I have seen this type of idea said maybe 3-4 times. In my total time as a community member. Including discord. And there have been thousands of people. This post could have also gone in the “A case for vehicles” topic. You could have also done a poll. To support your claim that half the community wants it.


But many thinks that it whould be better with like a dirtbike or a skateboard not a tank or like a helicopter, and dont you think it is a little over the top that you uninstaled a game just because there where no blackhwaks or m1 abrams or some generic american shit, most of us dont want big heavy vehicles bc it whould destroy the feeling of gz, it would more feel like DAYZ, Maybe a jeep yes but not a main battle tank, This is 80s sweden and it is a swedish robot apocolypse

Not a very good way to start a thread, is it? Next time, rather than making a bunch of demands, try to be more constructive and follow the community guidelines. Or we’ll end up right where we started.

Thread locked :lock: