Dev's is there an way to respec your points?

I got through the first Skilltree and an halfway of another. But there are some skills I’ve thought they would be better for my playstyle… After some reading I’ve found out you have only 31 Points?

So it would be ultra nice to respec our Points. :slight_smile:
It even hasn’t to be for free, an Quest or special Item, to make it immersive for “forget what you have learned”.

Sry if my English is a little bad, its not my native language. ^^°


I definitely agree on at least one chance to respec. when getting max level.
As of now i don’t have a single combat skil ,and the tech-tree I filled first…well kind of made me a bit disappointing due to the way the ‘Hacking’ works, or don’t work at times.

Sure i can create a new char, and restart the game… but this char is ‘mine’ he’s been out n an adventure, not the second one or the third one.
Or rather i can’t make another new one, as they seem to have the same progress in mission(!) only that the ‘new one’ don’t even have a weapon or fast travels /and no skills)

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Hey Zock it deeply saddens me to inform you that there is no way to currently reset your skill points. However you can go to the feedback section and create a post where your suggestion will be logged so that the game can be better improved in the future! :slight_smile:

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