Devs: Stay true to your ideas


Thanks for a cool game guys!

The game has a great mix of realistic weapon physics and fun game play. I and my wife really enjoy the game and love a hard game that is as realistic as possible.

I know a lot of people request a lot of things and have all sorts of ideas. Some, are very good points (inventory, the .50 damage being weak, etc), but my biggest request is simple…stick to your guns. Please don’t be like other games and cave to fan pressure to the point the game ends up being nothing like it was when it launched.

You seem to want a game that’s a bit gritty, realistic, and suspenseful…stick to that! Ok fine, listen to the feedback on core items like that wonky inventory system or weapons that don’t do enough damage like the Gustav or .50BMG or AI mechanics like hearing you in bunkers. But, keep the game your own.

If crafting or vehicles fit into the image you have for the game, fine make it happen…but don’t cave to pressure is all I’m saying :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for an awesome game. I can’t wait to see more content.

But seriously fix the .50 and Gustav ok?


They have a tutorial on crafting and resource stations, yet it’s not even in the game. Who’s going to want to replay the whole thing cause they add a crafting element, that was intended to be what the game was based around along with looting etc? Plus, think of how many bugs will be in the crafting system when they finally do put it in the game… this game needed several more months of development time, and an early access sticker on the front. This is no where near a finished product.


Fair enough. TBH though, I don’t really think it’s needed. As it is what could you possibly craft that would help you fight 20’ tall metal death machines?


Bullets. Something in the same vein as Fallout: New Vegas’ bullet crafting would be decent. Especially since they already have various types of ammunition.


Ammo, vests, health kits, weapon attachments. There’s several things that could be crafted, but like I said, them not having this in the game from day one, and it already being out for 2 or so months, with several people already beating the entire game, who’s actually going to go back now and replay the game for this simple addition? They kinda screwed themselves here, at least I think.


I don’t have a big problem finding them for the most part. I can see how it could be handy to be able to at least craft small arm ammo. But, making rifle rounds for auto-loading weapons is a pain and takes some know-how. If we disregard that though, I’d at least like to see it be an option only at certain areas like a reloading bench. So, sure you can do it but it’s not very often you’d find a bench to do so. And then are you making your own fresh brass and primers? Do you have to collect spent cases?? How are you getting the raw rounds or just making monolithic solid slugs?


I agree that stuff like this should have already been in the game. No matter what the devs want the game to be like (with or without crafting or items).

But, hand made items wouldn’t help much against a war bot and it’s mounted .50 is all I’m saying. And what kind of weapon attachment could you realistically craft? Is this 7 Days now where you tape a flashlight on?


It sounds as if you’re thinking quite in-depth about an otherwise simple mechanic; the reason I mentioned NV is because your spent brass ends up in your inventory while shooting (if memory serves, you don’t keep everything you fire.) Yes, reloading takes practice and supplies. However, if you were to apply that much of a granular level of detail then weapons should be cleaned, ammo should go bad from humidity exposure, optics should have to be zeroed, jams need clearing, squib rounds detonate (looking at you, Glocknades), etc. Hell, propane tanks wouldn’t even detonate from being shot. Requires a heat source that a bullet (excluding tracers) do not provide.


A simple crafting system for special types of ammo would be nice and doesn’t need to be over-thought, ya know? Let me make some high pressure rounds that you can’t find or even break down a flare to allow for manufacturing some decent explosives.


Personally…I’d actually be ok with all that lol.

But, let me try it this way. Why even need to craft rounds? When there’s large military compounds and at least some of these should have an armory. Maybe you have to break into it or something or search bodies for a key etc… But, I cringe in every game at the idea of home made rounds from scratch.

And it takes quite a while for humidity to foul rounds. And most military rounds are crimped pretty hard and have sealant around the primers just for this reason…well, and to keep the bullets from moving in the necks of the case when talking about crimps.

Personally, I don’t think the game needs crafting to that degree. Maybe some limited stuff like shelters or fires or even meds and clothes and bandages…just not so much on precision stuff :slight_smile:


Was just thinking Maybe they have crafting in mind for after story completion ( then only parts and resource’s can be found ) instead we have craft everything because we already Pillaged the story world , , just a thought


hmm, that’d be cool, ya I could go with that.