Devs: Why do you assume us gamers are idiots?

Hello devs, I like the look of your game I really do.
I’ve been watching a stream tonight and I was so so close to buying but you know what puts me off?

You assume us players are morons and stupid.

Why? Because you think we are too stupid to know what we can loot or use, so you make it GLOW yellow.
seriously guys, c’mon. stop dumbing down the game, we’re not all that stupid… we can figure out what we can use without a dumb yellow glow.

Please consider removing it in a patch, I will then happily buy the game.

MATE, plz don’t attack the game or any without a change in perspective. They highlight everything so that one, you can identify what you can actually pick up. And two, because when you are playing you might miss something that is hidden in the shadows. So please, try to look at it from the devs point of view. And also, in case you think I’m an associate or something, let me just tell you that I am just a guy who wants to try and show you the other side of the argument. Thanks for noticing it’s a game though, it’s not as popular as it should be in my opinion. Hope you will reconsider, have a good day.


Not attacking the game at all, I said I like it and I do. I just don’t like it when they assume I’m stupid (yes I know that’s the way games are going but whatever) I don’t see the need to make things glow, that’s all. I find it distracting and rather spoils the immersion.

How is it dumbing down the game?
There are specific containers/objects you can loot, until you play the game yourself and/or see someone play you wouldn’t know this unless you wanted to spend a vast amount of time checking every possible thing that could be considered a “loot container”.

This could literally range from Kitchen cabinets to just pure trash on the ground. They are highlighted for this specific purpose, so that players can LEARN what is a lootable container in the game and what isn’t.


We don’t assume anybody is stupid! We DO however use game design/UX principles to make our game a fun experience though! We can of course take your comments as feedback, perhaps have it as a toggle-able option? Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:


Hey not taking sides just saying the devs must be good at there job because they managed to throw an ATV in the hunting game call of the wild , it might sound easy but they designed a game around shooting physics and then they listened to the community and that would be us and put a vehicle in the game that had a framework of a shooting game, long winded i know , they listen and hey it might get patched as a settings option on or off, goodluck and goodnight

Hoho my bad , always read the replies especially the devs reply before commenting on solved question , opps sorry, wanted to help put the persons in question at ease that not all game designers are out to have u off ,

When you are running through a world, it is helpful to have some sort of visual cues so you know what to look for. Sure they could set up the game so you would have to spend extremely excessive periods of time going through every single tiny drawer, under every bed, looking between all the floorboards, etc. etc.

But some things have to be made a bit simpler for convenience sake. This is a GAME. It’s supposed to be fun. As such certain things that are generally considered to be ‘not fun’ are changed. Example, you don’t need to sleep for 8 real time hours every day when your character gets tired. You don’t need to go use a toilet on a regular basis. Or take a shower/bath to prevent yourself from becoming hideously dirty. You also don’t need to clip your characters toenails to prevent them from growing too long and rubbing holes in your socks. The list goes on, and on, and on.

The devs are not assuming gamers are idiots, they are assuming that gamers want to have fun. :wink:

But sure, if you actually like doing all that stuff, then maybe the game called “Real Life” would satisfy you more.

To be fair they have to develop to the lowest common denominator. You might not be a moron, but there are plenty of morons who play games. Seems like a silly thing to get upset with.

Never seen a more stupid post made on a forum.


I agree. This is probably the dumbest thing i’ve seen so far on this forum, lol.


That’s some pointless accusation.

However, it would be nice if devs fixed highlighted loot crates that are impossible to loot because of overlapping with surrounding object’s collision model. :slight_smile:

A toggle option would be a great idea.

Just like OP, I think that highlighting items breaks immersion. So after a little while in-game, I would prefer to be able to disable highlighting as well. While at it, make the cross hairs toggle-able too. :slight_smile:

Agreed pointless crying

Just one more comment after playing this for a while now: Any destroyed machine emits some lights by default, either white, yellow or red depending on that status during its demise, and that light goes out after looting. That’s all that’s really needed to get the point across to the player that there’s loot to be had.

Also, the same is true for backpacks, boxes, crates, etc. The box itself is the target, no need to draw an additional outline around it. When my cursor points at it, I personally know that this is what I am interacting with.

The additional bright orange outline just distracts from the experience, esp. since the HUD and overlays are not dimmed during the night. Maybe that’s another thing to look into - auto-dimming HUD and overlays?

Also, this bright superficial outline appears more as if it is meant for consoles, but feels tacked-on for PC.

Long story short, I would still vote for a toggle-able option in the menu for us to have a more minimalist set of notifications, and the first thing I would disable is a bright outline around an object.

PS: My wife and I play coop, and this is the most fun coop game her and I have experienced in a while. So thank you for the experience!

Sadly some are just that: idiots.

I myself find this highlighting nice, it helps, when I overlooked something.

Now, most games have it toggled with CTRL (or any other button), so they might do this here too, have it USER CONTROLLED according to their preference.


So, you’re deciding to not buy the game because of a very common loot mechanic?

Ok, good luck finding games that don’t highlight loot that you can pick up.

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Some actually do that, not highlighting loot.
As said though, it could be made optional, to highlight stuff or not.

This is by far the dumbest thing ive read in the forums

Probably why this thread hasn’t seen activity in months :wink: I’ll go ahead and lock it up, no need to bring up old gruff.

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