Did my message go trough?

I responded to Drennon’s post last week as posted to private message him with my Xbox gamer tag and permission to access my save file from Xbox it said the message was sent with no response indicating if it was actually received is this normal or did anyone else get a response?

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Same thing here no response @SR_knivspark is anyone als having this problem

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Not getting a response doesn’t mean the message wasn’t delivered. Devs are currently busy dealing with the flood of reports, while in the same time trying to fix the bugs and you two aren’t the only ones devs have contacted with.


Thank you for confirming you sent your message. I’ve received a lot of messages from members of the community on the forums, ZenDesk and Discord. All of them are being categorized and will be used to retrieve savegame files from XBOX to hopefully troubleshoot the issue.

The development team is very hard at work to track down and resolve all of these issues. Thank you to everyone for their patience and cooperation.

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When I checked the message it said it was in draft not sent just figured I would fallow up was not trying to come across as a dick I understand they are very busy right now.

With conformation from Drennon of messages getting through, this topic has served it’s goal and i’ll close it.


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