Did they break the bikes?

when I first saw we had Bikes I thought that they had made all the bikes scattered around the map rideable. I was confused when they added the bike stand that we spawn them with but then when I tried to pick up a random bike I noticed it was broken. every bike I have found randomly on the ground or in sheds are all broken.

Does anyone know if they were like this before the June update or did the devs break them so we couldn’t ride them? If anyone has some screenshots of the bikes before the update could you please share them here? this isn’t a complaint. just wondering.


I noticed that too. Suppose it makes sense, to free up memory in the game and let us get rideable bikes from just spawning them rather than finding them in the game world.

It’s probably to make to make sure nobody confuses a scenery bike with a usable one

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but did they break them or were they already like that?

I think the old bikes were regular models.

Maybe they should change it so that you can build bikes in the crafting system from the broken parts of the destroyed bikes lying about the map. That way it would feel more in keeping with the world of the game. They should also make it so that you get your bikes location on the map/radar.

That was my idea with the Quadracykel. In theory - the parts are all available in the game, so considering there is a crafting side to the game now - would it not make sense to start modifying the bikes as it’s the only mode of transport?

And it does, but you have to mount on it to register - then when you get off it will be marked on the map

And only one bike at the time on the map. :coffee:

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There was a change at some point.

1st bike you come across (taken 10th April '19):

Same bike at later date (taken 13th Jan '20):

My best guess - each time map portion gets revamped, the bike models are also changed.

Edit: Some further images:

Taken 28th May '19.

Taken today.
While it looks intact, instead it is broken with bent frame and front wheel.

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