Did they nerf Shock ammo?

I recently started playing this again, having not touched it since 2021. Just tried out shock ammo for the first time, and it is nowhere near as powerful as I remember it. Has it been nerfed?

I dont know
but it seems the latest update created a new bug …crashes derivated from using shock ammo.

Please dark emperor, do not be mad that your attacks are now less powerful, im sure they will fix it…

Shock Ammo is a bit bugged atm, it’s not nerfed. There’ll probably be a fix for it in the near future.

So for now, do what I do and hoard it for later :+1:

It works fine out of my AG4 but a level 5 KVM 59 will cause zero damage and no sparks. And it maybe at times. Only used my KVM once but nothing happened.

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Worked with my exp AG4, too.

Use Force Lightning instead, @Palpatine84 :+1: