Did you get the Easter egg?

In the story it says that young people arrived on the island unintentionally because of problems on the boat.

There’s the boat that broke down

Nope. Don’t get it. Is it a movie reference?

It is the main story reference of the game.

I know that, but what’s the easter egg reference? If you’re talking about THAT boat in your picture being the easter egg… then OH! But there’s lots of burning and/or sunk boats in the game. Is it by the starting area?

yes, 3 months ago the game didn’t have that. For those who are beginners, it gives the idea that you have just arrived on the island

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That makes perfect since.

When you are blurring.

My post is number 2 two most famous in 1 week hehehehe. But nobody wants GNOME pods

huh… i’ll have to go back and look

As far as I remember it always was there since I play…

That’s not the boat.

The boat with which the they arrived on Östertörn sunk, if you look closely in the water at the pier at Yttervik you can see it on the bottom. Or jump in. :coffee:


Still, I thought it was cool.

They remove teh boat

They delete The boat. In The water