Did you know that...?

… there are many tipps and tricks that many don’t know about? I’d like to start here with one I found out yesterday. Let’s gather.

Did you know that
… 5 sticky bombs are enough to kill a level 4 rival wolf (Scout)?


… you can reach higher places by jumping on a tactical shield or an other player?

What about you? Do you also have some hints?


Most guns go through an extended animation if you empty the magazine completely; try to keep at least one bullet when reloading to cut down reload time.

Rubber and Plastic are only used in clothing schematics (plastic is also used in exactly 3 decorative base parts), so don’t bother keeping too many of them. A given series (blastproof/stealth/etc) of schematics will only use rubber or plastic, never both. Finally, it takes 270 rubber/plastic to bring fully max a single clothing piece or 1080 for a full set; toss excess to save space.

Also, the 4th tier of a clothing schematic will always cost 69 rubber or plastic. Nice.

As of the Recon update, bullet resistance clothing schematics do not work; use something else in the meantime.


If a Machine ends up in deep water when destroyed, you can jump in and quickly hit the use key on it.
Once you respawn on the shore, the loot window will still be up :slightly_smiling_face:


Fun to watch players jumping into the water like they are trying to save the machine!

This same method can be used when a machine starts sliding down a mountain.


Ha! Had to do this on a Level 4 Rival last night. So annoying. I had to throw grenades and shoot rockets to push him across the river to the shore before I could reach jumping distance.

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Did you know…

  • That windows in cars, bus stops and phone booths can now be broken ?( since somewhere this year)

  • You can use a rocket at the right time when an Harvester summons reinforcements from above and destroy all the hunters or runners at the same time they appear?( since 2020)