Did you see the survey?

Systemic Reaction is currently sharing a link to a survey about Generation Zero. I won’t drop it here because I don’t want to mess with their methodology. Let’s just say that current players should find the link pretty easily. :sweat_smile:

By the way, thanks for asking us what we think about the game, devs!


Please post link, its not problematic to do it.
I cant find it, not on the site, not on twiter gz page, kinda confused :thinking:

I believe the reason its not on Twitter is because Pontus is ill atm, likely not on other social media like Instagram.
Heres the survey link:

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Link to the survey is in the main menu.


Of the game? really? it was not there yesterday, i havent played today, too busy looking at ukraine and other stuff.

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I just finished the poll. Kinda gave an idea of where they are wanting the game to head. Some of the questions should be allowed multi-picks for answers.

The guy in me who had a few classes in qualitative and quantitative research suffered from reading this. :sweat_smile:

You are right. I don’t remember seeing that yesterday. That’s cool to see it’s dynamic… apparently.

I feel you.


I chuckled when I read the question about whether I was playing on PC with a M&K or a gamepad.

I would have stick to the gamepad if the original weapon wheel had been better. :laughing: They should have added a “I would like to use a gamepad, but…” choice. :wink:

Anyway, as I just added in my original post: THANKS FOR ASKING, DEV TEAM!


Good survey. Thought went into the questions. Took about 12 minutes.


Is the QR code visible on consoles?

I still see the qr-code when I start up GZ on my Xbox. If that was your question!?

Yep. I wondered whether the QR code was also a thing on console. IIRC, you could also click to open your browser on PC.

In fact, I just checked and they replaced the link to the survey for an advertisement about the US Weapons Pack 2.

The survey is still there, the going back and forth on the thing is a bit funky is all

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