Didn't know were to post this

Is there a forum topic to find someone to play with like a LFG (looking for group)? Now that I have beaten the game solo I think I will try co op but I don’t just want a random person. Someone that uses discord, team speak or some form of communication program that way we can talk in real time and not have to type. I would want someone that is serious but also understands that this is just a game. So no need to flip out just cuz someone died. I play on PC as far which communication program it don’t matter as I can install which ever one is needed. I have great internet so I can host or I just join and be a extra gun.

i would talk to people on the generation zero discord https://discordapp.com/invite/generationzero


Didn’t know about this thanks for the information.

I have discord, but it would be nice to have specific area on the forums for people looking to group together. Have one thread for each platform, go from there. Seems simple enough.

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