Diffculty settings suggestion


Easy diffculty 1 enemys do less damage hunters take less damage and do less damage except tanks and harvesters loot respawns every 1 hour adrenaline drop rate is set to high to normal aswell as the medkits 2 normal mode enemys do norml damages amounts player takes low to normal damage enemys take normal amounts of damage tanks harvesters are still the same loot drops at a normal rate and respawns every 2-3 hours gameplay Adrenaline drop rate lowerd slitely Along with medkits but still able to find quite frequently 3 hardcore mode enemy damage significantly increased loot respawns every 6-8 hours gameplay legendary loot drop rate increased slitely based on Area Adrenaline shots drop rate significantly reduced along with medkits ammo drop rate increased for balance due to the long wait time so your able to actialy kill things or have sum chance to enemys persue you longer and track your location once spotted or pulled into combat xp no longer rewarded from fleeing but significantly rewarded for successfully killing tougher enemys rockets damage reduced along with all explosives but still able to kill hunters runners but less effective on tanks harvesters flying drones now sound Alarm if shot but if Alarm is destroyed first you are not noticed or enforcements dont show up


Difficulty Setting is a good suggestion, but for 5 Star Weapons drop rats should be 3x or 4x on Hardcore Mode from Tanks/Harvesters (Black and Red version) and maybe Hunters (Black and Red version only).


That sounds good but it will probably be based on the area you are in aswell like the devs have been doing but as long as the drop rate stays the same for them on normal easy so players who are quite not on that hardcore skill level and the casual arnt screwed or forced into the higher diffculty just to get good loot


It’d be much better than having military hunters and runners on the starter island by default. I had my friend rage quit because he kept getting spotted and killed while he was trying to learn the mechanics and with how bad adrenaline drops are rn he had to run the long journey back to me multiple times in utter frustration


If this were to work, you have to be able to not switch it back to another mode, and one you are in is permanent ( to prevent cheating ). Also, how would this work in multiplayer?


Host determines the difficulty of the game joined, Multiplayer would need the ability to search between hardcore and non-hardcore difficulties and the difficulty would be locked after selecting it at character creation (With the hope that in the future we gain the ability to have separate worlds/saves for individual characters


Sounds great that would most definitely work for multiplayer side of things prevent cheating ect locking your charecter in the chosen diffculty


I had this issue earlier. I started a new game on a different profile, and had it been my first time playing I probably would’ve quit because of how hard that started island is now… I was getting rushed by like at least 4 walkers, most times it was more, like 6-8. And then, there was one point where I had about 6 walkers, and 4 hunters all surrounding the barn I seeked cover in. Then to top it off, I’d turn around to look at the Hunter who’s head was clipping through the barn wall, to turn around and see a walker INSIDE the barn with me, when I had all doors closed. There was even a point where a hunter and those flying robot things got inside the barn. Luckily the hunter was glitched or something cause he would just move to face me every time I moved, but he wouldn’t actually shoot at me so I was able to get some cool pictures then kill him lol. The thing is I had like 4 simple med packs, and my grey pistol and shotgun with hardly any ammo… it ultimately was just a huge waste of the very little supplies that I had to begin with… their plan to try and pull in new players and keep them playing may very well lead to ultimate failure of the game, as new people are going to struggle very much with this, and just get sick of wasting all their ammo and feeling like their never getting ahead and just quit…

Oh and also, it seemed that I was getting tons of ammo for guns that I didn’t even have, or don’t get for a long long time to come. I feel like loot should calculate randomly to fit the weapons you have on you, so you’re not getting a bunch of stuff you don’t need, and seriously lacking what you do need.


Snowy i know what you mean was annoying the first Area is horrible now i got lucky it feels multiplayer forced now solo players have been left out everything needs to be rebalanced both for solo and multiplayer everything is way to op for solo players balance enemy damage is just off devs are just out of touch


Good idea. Great for good players and for beginners.
(Personally, I would stay at the normal level.)


Same Bazyl i just think this is exactly what this game needs as the balanceing is off exspecialy for solo players damage from hunters runners is just ridiculous the tanks could do with some tweaking beacuse their hit range is now bs


I believe that the dev’s stated the game does not scale to the number of players in game. If this is true the games diffulty should be set for the solo player experience.

Finding a balance for 1 player all the way up to 4 players with no scaling is impossible.

My second suggestion on balancing would be to change from 4 player co-op, down to 2 player co-op. Balancing between 1 and 2 players would be more feasible.

Finally on balancing, remember some people don’t have playstation plus or Xbox live. Thats why it is imperative that the solo experience takes priority

I’m curious have any of the testers completed this game by playing solo, from start to finish? I would be very surprised.


Wow, if the game doesn’t scale to the number of players I definitely see the challenge in balancing. I agree solo needs to be priority.

Would basic scaling be difficult? More players, spawn more and/or tougher enemies…?


What type of cheating do you mean? I mean seeing as it’s a coop game. Sorry if I got you wrong but if you mean that certain equipment or experiences should only be allowed on higher difficulties…why? If you’re a hardcore gamer, why would you deny a casual gamer the full experience? If someone needs tons of loot to complete the game, so what? You’ve all paid the same price.

Again, maybe not what you meant but I’ve seen this opinion in some other threads and I don’t really get that mentality.


Ok 1 all equipment guns types ect mods ect should be attainable but their drop rate chance is increased base on diffculty so everythimg is attainable


Mmm, I hear you but don’t agree :slightly_smiling_face: If you complete the game on a hardcore difficulty, good for you. You wanted a tough challenge and pulled through. Why even bother if a causual gamer playing on easy mode also gets to experience the PSG90? Why make him or her look for it longer than you? Isn’t that just being…spiteful?


Im refering to loot containers and such so you will still be able to obtain things normaly just from containers at a lower drop rate for legendarys playing on easy ect the set locations that have fixed weapons will be untouched


I think I understand what you mean. Casual players should have to spend more time than advanced players in order to find some of the coolest equipment?

It’s a traditional approach and I’m just questioning why. Casual gamers might not want to invest all that time. I think there should be an option for casual gamers to complete the game and get the full experience (ie all the cool stuff) without having to invest a huge amount of time :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not obvious though how to do this. :thinking: Perhaps you really want to invest heavily in GZ progressing through easy, intermediate and advanced. Then the approach you propose @Malthezar would be appreciated. Otherwise there’d be no cool surprises after a while, you already found all those on easy mode earlier.

So maybe your approach is fine as long as a you get to experience most of the equipment without it requiring too much time. You could also have DLC bring new equipment and prolong gameplay e.g. for those working their way up from easy to advanced.:+1:t2:


Montahue thats excatly what ive been saying as lower diffcultys should allso not be punished heavly as all players deserve the full experience of what they have paid for as their are all players of different skill lvls to punish solo players aswell is not acceptable my suggestion was for all types of players be it hardcore casual a new players to any game my suggestion was for balance so all players are welcome to enjoy playing this game how they would like based on their skill or to have a relaxing gaming session solo or with friends this game does need balance for all types of players which its currently lacking due to its excessive refund request allso the solo campaign is hevily punished with excessive robot damage poor revival system as solo players are now struggleimg to even play Alone and multiplayer now feels forced due to Adrenaline nerf medkit nerf loot respawn system change no roboy respawn change as robots spawn more frequently and faster then loot does each refund hurts the game itself and the devlopers hopefully fullfilling this goal if they actually pay Attention to feed back actual feed back not the minority hardcorers who will play and just drop the game cause the devs spiked it to much