Different versions on PS4

Are you going to fix the game . We have two ps4s one has version 2205082 the second has 2206386 . Not able to play together
Hellllloooo ?

That’s weird.
I didn’t even had a version 2205.082.

My version before Landfall was 2022.170, now it is 2206.386.

Maybe he should reinstall the game.

if he reinstalls game the ps4 is going to download same version .
are you developer ?

No, just a gamer as you… But I like to help, if I can… Even if it’s just thinking about possible solutions.

I think your advice was worthwhile. Certainly didn’t warrant a rude response.
Is tow a developer who would know why a ps4 would download an earlier version repeatedly.
Didn’t even say that they had even tried or categorically confirmed that they had even updated the earlier version since the lost update.
With that lack of information provided that would have been my first thought too.
Thumbs up for trying, example of the community spirit most possess.