Differing interpretations "Beating the game"


  • Collect every set of collectibles in the game.
  • Collect every weapon and attachments for every level
  • Complete all current DLCs missions & Side-missions.
  • Complete all Locations.
  • Complete all main game missions & side-missions.
  • Create each of the 16 possible Character styles at least once. (e.g. Greaser, Nerd, Punk).
  • Discover all Locations.
  • Find all Apparel and have only 2 of 30 possible outfits missing.
  • Find all Easter eggs.
  • Find all mission items.
  • Find all schematics (clothing, ammo & medkit).
  • Finish the challenges in the challenge tree.
  • Have 4 chars, where all chars are maxed to level 31.
  • Max out all weapons types to Gold or Experimental with maxed out attachments.
  • Spawn and kill the Reaper X times and get the complete FOA set & 6* sledgehammer.
  • Spawn the Reaper once in every region.
  • Unlock all 3 Bicycles.
  • Unlock every safehouse.
  • Unlock all achievements.
  • Build all Resistance bases possible with concrete walls.

Edit: Content of the game that isn’t officially acknowledged, or no longer obtainable.

  • Get all 7 Gnome Masks.
  • Find a Gnome pod
  • Find a Holy Hand grenade
  • Find a Fireworks Box.
  • Collect and consume a Semla. (no sure what’s the story here, I still find these)
  • Find a First Aid Kit that restores half of the players health.

There’s an issue with this. Namely there are more than 2 event/pre-order sets, that can’t be obtained at current date. And so far, none of the event sets have made a reappearance. Those 6 include: Antarctic, Elegant, Slayer, Worn, Fancy and Radical sets.

A flawed content of the game that isn’t officially acknowledged.
If this needs to be in the 100% list, might as well include the requirement to obtain the Gnome Pod as well. And Holy Handgrenade, and Fireworks Box, and Semla.


Yay! I have these. What do I win? :rofl:

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Weren’t these; Antarctic, Elegant, Slayer, and Worn part of the Halloween event. And Halloween event we had twice, if I remember correctly

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Schematics and Apparel I think are all I’m missing from that list. My RNG is that bad for a couple of months I only got schematic duplicates, if I got any at all.

I think there maybe a few locations where I haven’t picked up all the weapons thinking about it.

Once you find gold weapons I couldn’t never be bothered scouring locations for a 2C PP Mueller or a 3C Hunting rifle. I started revisiting them but not sure how far I got.

Of course there are additional challenge trees & content we don’t have yet as Xbox players, but I can’t see me grinding the base building or horde mode solo. Not my idea of a fun time.

I always picked up the weapons, and dropped them again if I din’t want them. Later I kept them to recycle them.

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But if you want the Exp. schematics, you have to. And the grinding is highly exaggerated. I would give it a try if I were you. :grin: Remember the base doesn’t need to be big. You can defend it from outside if you do not like building a nice base.

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Yes. There were 2x Halloween events, with same rewards. Somehow, i missed/forgot the 2020 event. :thinking: I guess i was too busy in the forums.

But do you also have this? →




I farmed a few when they were in the game, I still have them.


I think that ‘beating the game’ stands for the moment you say to yourself, I did it, I finished all I wanted to do in this game. And what ever a player crosses off that list, that’s what they have beaten. There is no ‘one way’ to beat the game, there are many. But, I do think, that if a player only crosses off missions and side-missions, they should not be claiming the game is too short. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


So did the devs. It didn’t work at first. :wink:

The apparel items weren’t added to the loot pool over the Halloween weekend and they had to “extend” it.


At this stage of development of I have done most of what I can and like to do. Grinding for stuff, like weapons or apparel is what I normally don’t do. I did give it a try this week to seek out some Apoc class machines on Östertörn, but gave up fairly quick because I could be doing that for months and still not find the stuff I looking for, so that’s a no no. Just like Aesyle, I like to find that stuff, but if not, that’s OK too.

How are you faring qua things still to do?

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Yup. :wink:

Please forgive the photograph rather than a screenshot; yesterday’s alpha update to my Series X broke my ability to take screenshots (among other things).


With this, you need to be careful, especially when you “share” the high-end weapons you have. Since when you do the latter, you’ll be doing the same as one user back in the day did, topic: Guns and Ammo fix - #30 by Aesyle

This is spot on mate.

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