Guns and Ammo fix

Or @pegnose perhaps instead of trolling and baiting threads expecting me to be a hacker or modder or whatever you may believe it is I do and take time to actually understand what the purpose of my goal is in order to temporarily fix the loss of gear due to the games bugs, not to exploit others for personal gain.

Right, calm down a bit yeah? Let’s get to the bottom of this. If I understand correctly you backup your save, then give away the items in that save, then replace it with the backup? I’m not sure that would qualify as a game exploit.


Yes that is correct @Zesiir . It’s legitimately my gear. On multiplayer it registers my gear as dropped when I drop it. After that I leave the game and reupload my data back to before I dropped the gear. I potentially gain nothing from it other than what I gave them. They however acquire it from my drop. They gain, I do not. But I guarantee you I will not exploit it for negative uses or personal gain or boost people for achievements. But I do know how much of a pain it is to lose your guns and gear after farming for it.

PS: This method works on multiple games so it’s not a personal game exploit. It’s a save file exploit to replace what was lost. As I said they only get what I have, no mods affiliated or anything absurd like that. I earned everything I have through legitimate means. My trophies will account for that.

I’d have to confer with a dev to be sure. And I will, once the holidays are over. But I don’t believe it counts as an exploit. I suppose it could technically be cheating but since you’re not actively using an ingame flaw or bug to produce favorable results, I’ll give this one a pass.

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Thank you. Like I said I have no desire to exploit the game. If it’s exploiting in the devs eyes I will gladly drop the subject and continue on with business. In my eyes I see it as helping a fellow gamer reacquire what’s lost as well as taking heat off the devs since they already have quite a load to handle. That way it’s a temporary fix for the unfortunate @Zesiir.

The problem I would think is youre effectivly duping items since you also regain what you drop when reloading your backupsave.

I have done this once but in a more legit way. I have like 10 different savefiles with 3 or 4 of them story done and at max lvl. I used those old saves to drop stuff for people and then never re-loaded the saves to regain those dropped items.

I think if we can keep this up for a few more posts we’ll have made a whole chicken out of a feather.

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This is the definition of exploitation. It means to unfairly treat someone to progress from their work or making use of an action to gain in a beneficial way.

I do not gain from it but they do, HOWEVER if they had it at one point on the contrary it should not classify as an exploit due to the fact that in past reality they already gained it. There is no mistreatment of fellow players and it substantially fills in that error resulting from the games past actions. It’s a gain that remains at a neutral state of progression, not advancing beyond their standard progression.

Let’s keep in mind I stated they have to provide proof of acquiring it previously. So if they can prove they had it without still having it then I would simply replace it. By ammo I would give them an amount to partially get them by, not mass quantity because that it is obviously exploiting them for personal gain. If they can’t prove it I don’t help them, simple as that. Also from there on that is the only the time I help them since it’s common sense to upload the save data to online storage so it doesn’t happen again to them.

Yeah I get where youre coming from and I do think it’s a nice gesture when/if needed. Seems a bit complicated with providing proof but who am I to argue this. I have never lost any items or saves to corruption.
I’m just talking technicallities here =)

Yup, just trying to assist the community in a fair way best I can without causing complications or unjust actions.

@Zesiir, I felt this offer might violate the Code of Conduct. Thus, I flagged the thread. I was and am not sure myself, as I have expressed in personal communication with @RighteousTheory.

My suspicion was backed by the ease of getting support wrt my “missing” gold red-dot sight. There is probably no safe way of proving that items were actually lost (due to bugs or whatever reason).

My goal was to have this question answered by someone “in charge”.

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And there it is, poultry in motion…

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I asked you what console you played on, yes? Then if you replied yes I would have asked for you to prove that you have had it. I simply would not join your session and drop it. Once again, exploitation but if you can’t prove it in a justifiable way then it is not yours. Hence why I did not pursue it because you did not continue the conversation.

There is no point in talking about this as I am not making the rules or the decision. But let’s not talk about the “validity” of screenshot proofs which can easily be created. You also have no proof that you are actually doing what you are saying. What you are doing, however, is duplicating items. And promoting doing so, and also explaining how it can be achieved.

Together with a buddy anyone could easily use this method to achieve unlimited ammo and get every weapon in the game if others join the party. And I don’t feel well with this being promoted here on the GZ forum.

So my intent was to bring that to the attention of the mods. Done.

I have no particular personal interest in prosecuting or discussing this. Therefore I will just wait and see what comes out of it. This is my last post in this thread or in personal communication with you on this topic in order to not inflame anything any further.

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Since game isn’t meant to be played like so, what are you doing is considered cheating. Item duplication would be more exact since you’ll never loose any of the gear you drop. You can just reload your old save and all lost gear is “magically” back in your inventory, without any need to loot them from the world again. With this, you have unnatural advantage, prohibited by GZ EULA;


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Until we can get an official dev reply on this matter, I’m locking this thread.

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Update: So the general consensus is this; since it falls within abusing the save system, it counts as an exploit to duplicate items ingame by way of the method described above. No reprimands will be given because I honestly don’t think @RighteousTheory meant any harm.

But, since the topic concerns an exploit any further posting about it will result in thread/post removal and/or a warning. Apologies for this taking so long to work out.