Guns and Ammo fix

If anyone is losing their guns or ammo I will easily reacquire them for you. Hit me up and I will assist you. Best of luck gamers! (PS4 assistance)

Is this a legitimate method or some kind of exploit? Why message you for help? Cant you just share your method here?


I know that there is some exploit with Plundra that enables you to duplicate every item. I once met a guy in random MP game who was willing to show me how it’s done but before we got to that part, his game crashed and never saw him again.

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Actually I do not use Plundra. Save data upload. It’s as simple as that. I will only help replace what people have lost. I do not have a desire to boost others for game exploits, only assist them with what they have lost. I have learned to do upload my data out of safety of my game progress. I do not consider it exploitation because let’s be honest here I earned it fair and square and we all know that Generation Zero is notorious for bugs. I will not give all experimental equipment or loads of ammo because I do not cheat for others let alone myself. I earned my gear legitimately and plan to continue to do so. I simply will assist those that Generation Zero has unfortunately inconvenienced unintentionally.

If you want my honest opinion don’t cheat the game. It takes away from the enjoyment of its content. I spent time earning my trophies through gameplay. Anyone who has me on PSN can confirm this. Honestly all I can say is I hope the individual using Plundra has earned there gear through legitimate means. The ones who cheat the system give it a bad name. I lost my game data entirely once on PS4 because the game crashed and corrupted my progress. I started a new account and have been pushing heavy on the game progression and truthfully enjoy the entirety of the game and I have been uploading my data to online storage.

It is legitimate in regards of my account and the gameplay. It’s save data I OWN. What they need I go acquire, upload to save data and drop, then after that excess equipment I have I dispose of because I do not wish to have it easy. I already own all weaponry because I spent hours earning them through legitimate means. All I do is drop it and leave and reupload my original save file which allows me to have the progression of the content I had originally as well as the gun and ammo I lost. My file remains the same in progression while they reacquire what they have lost because I have given them my gear. As I said I will only replace what you lost, I will not give you what you have not legitimately earned prior.

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@kakarron By “Hit me up” I mean you may ask me for assistance on PS4.

I have lost a golden red-dot. I swear it was in my inventory at some point! :grin:

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@pegnose are you a PS4 user?

Am i getting this straight, that you drop gear for other player, then reload your save so that you’d still have the gear you just dropped?


Yes, that is correct.

I feel the need to be honest. I flagged this thread as inappropriate content to the mods. I feel that you are promoting the abuse of an exploit here. Which is against the code of conduct.

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Feel free too. I have no need of exploit, only mere assistance. If you read my context I made it clear that I do not boost players. I simply will only give them what they have lost. If you consider it inappropriate then I can understand that beings you may see me benefiting from it which in all reality I do not except help someone who has lost gear. By minimal means of legitimacy I may add.

Or @pegnose perhaps instead of trolling and baiting threads expecting me to be a hacker or modder or whatever you may believe it is I do and take time to actually understand what the purpose of my goal is in order to temporarily fix the loss of gear due to the games bugs, not to exploit others for personal gain.

Right, calm down a bit yeah? Let’s get to the bottom of this. If I understand correctly you backup your save, then give away the items in that save, then replace it with the backup? I’m not sure that would qualify as a game exploit.


Yes that is correct @Zesiir . It’s legitimately my gear. On multiplayer it registers my gear as dropped when I drop it. After that I leave the game and reupload my data back to before I dropped the gear. I potentially gain nothing from it other than what I gave them. They however acquire it from my drop. They gain, I do not. But I guarantee you I will not exploit it for negative uses or personal gain or boost people for achievements. But I do know how much of a pain it is to lose your guns and gear after farming for it.

PS: This method works on multiple games so it’s not a personal game exploit. It’s a save file exploit to replace what was lost. As I said they only get what I have, no mods affiliated or anything absurd like that. I earned everything I have through legitimate means. My trophies will account for that.

I’d have to confer with a dev to be sure. And I will, once the holidays are over. But I don’t believe it counts as an exploit. I suppose it could technically be cheating but since you’re not actively using an ingame flaw or bug to produce favorable results, I’ll give this one a pass.

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Thank you. Like I said I have no desire to exploit the game. If it’s exploiting in the devs eyes I will gladly drop the subject and continue on with business. In my eyes I see it as helping a fellow gamer reacquire what’s lost as well as taking heat off the devs since they already have quite a load to handle. That way it’s a temporary fix for the unfortunate @Zesiir.

The problem I would think is youre effectivly duping items since you also regain what you drop when reloading your backupsave.

I have done this once but in a more legit way. I have like 10 different savefiles with 3 or 4 of them story done and at max lvl. I used those old saves to drop stuff for people and then never re-loaded the saves to regain those dropped items.