Difficulty Adjustment Option

It’s necessary.

Now, before you go saying I just need to be better at the game, keep in mind that I am an Xbox player who exclusively plays solo. (I don’t have reliable WiFi.)

Taking on a tank or a group of hunters is a nearly impossible task for me. I know many people think the game should be MORE difficult, but there is no harm in allowing players to customize their experience by toning down damage, machine spawn rates, or even decreasing the size of groups that spawn. (2 hunters per spawned group instead of 4 for example.

It would be rather easy to implement and would make the game far more enjoyable for me and many other console players.

With a FNIX class tank, for example, taking around a dozen rockets to be demolished, it seems a bit ridiculous to expect a solo player to effectively take a tank down without multiple deaths. Even with exclusively aiming for sensitive parts, some enemies are simply too powerful.

Did you know to disable a tanks machine gun it can take around 90 direct hits from an assault rifle? It simply is not possible for the average player to succeed with that type of adversity.


For one, many an average and even less average player DO manage to kill machines.
that said though, I am 100% for a difficulty setting, that goes both ways.
Lower and harder.

Some advice: use territory (higher ground, cover, use cars, explosives, NEVER stand still during the engagement (run around as erratic as possible), …
These might seem silly things, but they WORK…

I hope I made it at least a bit more doable…

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Well, getting better at game is one way but i’d rather suggest you to pick your battles. Even i don’t shoot everything that moves, instead, i assess the situation and make a decision if there’s any need to engage in the first place.
Another suggestion, while not possible for everyone, would be playing GZ on a PC since console controllers are poor when it comes to the aiming, moreover since software based aim assist is used to help players.

But overall, yes, a selectable difficulty level would be the best option (i’d increase the difficulty in my game).

The only issue I possibly see with a selectable difficulty level is when it comes to the games achievements, for those that care about those.

Could feel a little cheap to be able to grab them all on a supereasy difficulty compared to a very hard difficulty, perhaps.

In easy mode it could be deactivated?


I play GZ on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbone) and I still prefer the controller.

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I’m seriously impressed by people playing with a controller, and manage to do so well with it. Personally, I can’t aim for s**t with one :rofl:


Im all for what you’re saying, but I think you’re missing the big picture here. The combat skills make an incredible difference and as you level up, you become more resilient. Also, as you get better weapons (5*, EXP) the enemies become less challenging. You then work on building your system. Run and gun, using cover, sneaking past a future encounter, things like that. With all this combined, it’s almost like you changed the difficulty. You just gotta look at it as a whole my friend. I’m not against this though if they added a change difficulty option I would not be mad

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So rottinz’s post is more profound than ever. Since the Feb update (xbox1) I’ve noticed the enemy’s damage (dog rockets + tank plasma) has increased to additional 30-50% making it more difficult to play solo while playing strategically. I’m now limited to sniping from churches and ammo sheds for safety. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a similar thread on this. I’ve played many 100’s of hours playing smart and there’s a definite change in enemy retaliation. I enjoy the game as its almost realistic to that era. Hope the game doesn’t evolve to Star Wars type fighting. I had a goal early on in the game to keep under 10 deaths and I was successful. Cannot do that now as its simply die and rival evolves every time. "Not complaining I guess, just need to play now as if its real life.

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Most likely and logical (due to the lack of posts about this) most do not seem to see it that way?

Either way: I would so love a Game + and Game ++ (Hard and Extreme Mode).
A “Game -” or… weak mode?.. how to put this… would be also good to add, for those that have problems.

Now, might I suggest, sir @Spakstuh to look for a group?
Discord has a special channel for this. :slight_smile:
That might help you out as well, sir.


I’m ok with some difficulty options however, I’d like to be rewarded a bit better for solo play in the current mode such as a 5* gun. Thank you Xogoroth for your thoughts…

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You Sir…
… are MOST welcome…

Sliders would be SO nice…

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