Difficulty scaling and endless waves

I was on xb1 with 2 other people, I understand it’s not supposed to be easy but I shouldn’t die by one hit from a runner machine gun. Hunters were extremely difficult to defeat, some taking 200+ bullets.
Also there were no seekers or harvester yet the hunters just continuously showed up. I counted 12 hunters 4 tanks and 7 runners, all of which were spawn killing me on an island with only one exit.

I ended up cutting off my console in the end

Currently now the console version machines are op. As you know. However next patch, which is estimated to be August, The robot AI will be nerfed and combat will be easier.

Also, did that by any chance happen at Himfjäll island ? (Alpine unrest)
It´s the most difficult area in the game.
And what difficulty were you playing ?
Anyway as @MarkNcheese42 said,with the next patch things will be easy again, sometimes too much easy :sweat_smile:

I was in the main area, its was a small island in a lake like area
I think it was east/ south east of the Marden Bunker
I hosting the game on skirmish, as I normally do (especially when alone) I haven’t finished the main missions yet nor have I downloaded the alpine update

If you have 10 HP or less then you will die from single shot of Runner’s SMG. That’s how games work.

Well, if you use Soft Point ammo against armor or miss most of your shots then yes, it is going to take that much of bullets to drop a hunter on Skirmish.
However, you always have an option to change in-game difficulty to Adventurer for machines having less HP. Also, using Armor Piercing ammo and landing most of your shots also helps.

For comparison, it took me 1090 rounds of 7.62mm AP ammo and 331 rounds of 9mm FMJ SMG ammo to kill one level 4 rival FNIX tank, where 98% of the bullets hit and that on Guerilla difficulty, in solo game, without any help from others. (I know the exact ammo count since i have that gameplay recorded.)

Oh, in MP game, set the “Auto Scaling” to OFF if you don’t want loads of machines. Since when it is turned ON, the more people are in your game - the more machines there will be.

Sounds like Paskallaholm safehouse (Forest region). In that safehouse, you spawn in 2nd floor and there is no way hunters can kill you right after you spawned.

Even when the house is surrounded by hunters and you can’t make a clean exit (have happened to me few times at that loc), you do have an option to spawn in a different safehouse. Why not use it? :thinking:

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