At first i have too say that i‘m from germany so pls don‘t threat me for my bad english :smiley:

My Problem:
I‘m currently at the starting island…
90% of the mechs are to hard to fight because they are even to strong or in a group around 5 mechs…
So i try to sneak around them BUT when i try to sneak around them they spot me hundret meters away or they spot me trough a few houses so i can‘t do anything^^
At the moment i have absolutly no idea what i can do because fighting against this overpowerd assholes is no reason and sneaking around them isn‘t a reason too…
Can anyone tell me what i can do?


Open your game up to co-op and get help from others until you get better weapons is one option.


There are a few things that factor into sneaking. Moving through bushes, trees and tall grass for example will cause enemies to hear the noise you make. Once a Machine’s lights glow orange, they’re looking for you. Sneaking away from them can make them lose sight of you.

Note that some enemies like Hunters can keep following you for a long time. If you have to fight the Machines, try to do it at your own terms. Never engage them in the open if you can avoid it! If they aggro you, run to somewhere you can take cover, like in a safehouse. Churches are good for this since you can respawn there if you get downed.

Oh, and get your hands on a shotgun. Any quality will do. It’s handy when enemies come too close. Aim for the red fuel tanks on their backs.


You have to be aware of the machines before they are aware of you. Look at your map and plan a way round - if necessary, backing up and circling round behind a ridge. If you get spotted throw a flare towards them which will give you 10 seconds or so to get to a safe place. keep throwing the flares until you get there.

Before you make any move, look at the map and plan your route. Do not use the roads - the machines patrol the roads. Shorelines work, woods work. Before you move, studying your map, decide what you will do if you are bumped, so that when you are spotted, you already know where you will run.

Walking in a crouch is much less noisy. Stop and listen every ten seconds or so - machines can be heard. The Dogs bark and rattle, the Hunters stamp about: bap-bap-bap. The Tanks go boom-boom-boom.

I’m thinking of making a survival training video for newcomers - I wonder if my machine would be able to handle it - it get hot as it is…


Hi, I join also to the claim to ask to ease the game for solo players!

It is extremely difficult on XBox controller to aim quickly. I die always at the beginning between church and the starting point.
Tried to sneak on the left side of the road, on the road and on the right side of the road. The dogs are everywhere and I always lose fight. Escaping is just a temp solution, they always kill me.

After dying in raw all ammo consumed so I had to delete the character and restart XBox to reset the status.

I am unhappy with the present situation and I would ask a refund if that could be possible.

I am sad because the game environment and atmosphere is amazing but I feel couple of things are missing to make me happy.
E.g. spawning more ammo, medkit patch and other supply more frequently if the player is playing alone

This is a typical game when you have to watch YT videos and guides from the very beginning to do any progress.


I didn’t think it was that hard. As far as aiming goes try to lower your sensitivity (I’m on xbox too.) Try to make it into Salthanm (The first town you find.) And you should find guns, medkits, and ammo. (I only play solo.)


I made a rough map of what threats new players will encounter around the spawn point. For a fresh solo player this seems like a bit to much, considering being equipped
with only a rusty (two if they find the klaucke 17) pistol. Plus whatever the game feel like spawning in the loot containers.

On the other hand this game is more focused on coop play than single player, so by making it easier for solo play would that not make it almost trivial for 4 player coop?


Other games scale the difficulty in relation to the amount of players. That would be also possible here. Maybe via spawning enemies. Lets say 4 runners are around a player as long as he is alone. When two players are close to each other there could be like 6. The same with hunter partoles.


Spawning based on the number of people gets to be an issue when dealing with big stuff. You can’t spawn a quarter of a tank for example.

There’s a reason that the many of the best co-op games scale stats and not enemy counts.


Well…it is not impossible task to scale the difficulty… just not scaling the big bosses only the smaller guys and/or ammo, med kits etc.