Dirtbike/Moped Not coming up in spawn table

Completed the mission to unlock he moped, and had nothing but a bicycle in the spawn table. so i gave it a few weeks maybe there was a bug. and there is still and issue i don’t have a moped. so i figured i would get the dirtbike dlc. and its been an hour since i purchased it, restarted the game multiple times and i still don’t have an option to spawn it at vehicle spawner. I dont even see it to select it in the spawner.

I was the host for the moped and i had friend help me.

PC - i5 10600k - 16gb ddr4 - 2080 super - game is saved on m.2

But you picked up the motorbike at Asötugan Outpost?

I was able to get the moped, from a reaper spawn and picked up the one from Asotugan Outpost. now the dirtbike dlc, do i need to pick that up? or should i have it once purchased?

  1. You unlock the motorbikes by picking up the one from Asötugan Outpost.

  2. That, what you got from the reaper, just was another color for the bikes.

  3. The dlc bikes should be available as soon as you unlocked the motorbikes (1.).

If it still doesn’t work for you, start a new world and head directly to Asötugan Outpost and pick up the moped again. After that, it should work in any world.

At least for me the moped was available right from the first churchs vehicle station after I started a new world, while I picked up the moped in my main world before.