Disappearing ammo again

Hello!! My ammo keeps disappearing everytime a robot hits me?? is this a thing? it’s extremely annoying when I’m fighting with my AR. Then a robot comes and smacks all my ammo out of the game… it makes no sense at all! Please fix this, it’s the 4th time this has happened and i lose all my progress when it does as i then have no ammo to fight with and then i just die :frowning: it’s a shame as this is a good game, but it’s starting to get annoying with this happening.


I have had similar issues with this bug, but after watching closely i came to a better understanding of what is actually happening, With the way the ammo stacks in this game and how you have to keep micro-managing each stack of ammo and what u have equipped to your weapons there seems to be the issue that if u have 2 stacks of the same ammo type and you have 1 stack equipped to the weapon that uses that ammo the game will count both stacks as 1 stack and show it on ur ammo indicator on the bottom right corner of the players screen, like if i had 240 5.56mm and another stack of about 120 5.56mm it will show there being 360 rounds left in the bottom right corner. lets say if i equipped the 240 stack to the rifle and used it all in combat, the game automatically grabs the 120 stack and attempts to put it into the rifle, but its not able to do that and it basically destroys that stack of ammo in the process. It took me awhile to figure this out myself. I haven’t had any issues that i know of with enemies hitting me then my ammo disappearing yet. that is that i know of, i could be completely wrong though and it has not sure.

you can see that the magnum ammo only stacks up to 60 in 1 stack in the inventory, and on the play screen it adds that extra 10 ammo into the stack. making it 70 in total, 6 chambered and 64 in reserve. when it should have 6 chambered and 54 in reserve…