Disappearing ammunition

So I’ve seen a bunch of threads about ammunition disappearing, but all of those seem to be from a year ago and I didn’t want to revive old threads.

Observed Behaviour:
Approximately 1200 rounds of ammunition to my HP5 just disappeared after I got knocked out by enemy gunfire. The issue occurred on a field just NW of the Hastvik farm, where I briefly went AFK in the Pause menu. Upon coming back, I heard that I’m being fired upon by a patrol of one hunter and two runners. I’ve quitted the Pause menu just to see my character get knocked out, so I revived myself with an adrenaline syringe. Upon attempting to retaliate, I’ve noticed that all selected ammunition to my HP5 is gone (the non-armor piercing ammunition).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch Generation Zero and proceed into active gameplay.
  2. Acquire the HP5 sub-machine gun along with the non-piercing ammunition for it, as well as an adrenaline syringe.
  3. Fast travel or otherwise progress to the Hastvik farm.
  4. Ensure that the HP5 is equipped and the non-piercing ammunition loaded.
  5. Proceed to coordinates 430, 3600 and enter the Pause menu.
  6. Get attacked by a roaming patrol and exit the Pause menu upon being knocked out.
  7. Revive yourself with the adrenaline syringe.
  8. Observe that the ammunition is missing.

Expected Results:
The loaded ammunition is still present after self-reviving.


  • I’ve had this happen at least twice before within the last two months, once to the Magnum and once to the Automatgevar 4. In case of Magnum the ammunition was lost when cycling through weapons in the inventory and I don’t recall the steps for the assault rifle.


  • When I originally wrote this I assumed the ammunition to be completely gone, but I just found it in the player storage