Disappearing robots, What do we know?

This isn’t exactly a bug report, which is why I put it in general.
It’s been observed that sometimes robots will just vanish, particularly in combat, and I’m wondering if we can solve what triggers it happening if we compare notes.
As far as I can tell, the floating to sky / dropping through the floor bug is a separate one from the vanishing. Similarly, I suspect that the quickly vanishing corpses are a different issue.

As far as I can tell:

  1. The only robots to vanish are the harvester’s dog escort
  2. The harvester itself does not have to be damaged
  3. The whole escort vanishes at the same time - all live and dead robots together (unclear if always the case)
  4. The escort has at least one member in combat

Are all these points true? Are there other sure points here? For example, I notice this most when a FNIX rocket dog is aiming at me, about to fire. But it’s not just FNIX escorts, I’ve met this with prototype robots too, and I’m not sure the robot aim / firing is the trigger. Similarly, I’m sure other robots have not vanished alongside them.

Edits added as I compile information.

I’m especially curious if anyone has seen an escort team vanish without any combat happening at all.
What have you all worked out?

Has anyone else seen robots coming back, either through magic or on foot?

Final edit: I mapped it out here: Bug, Disappearing Harvester Escorts (final update) Simply kill one escort and try counting to 30. They’ll vanish. I think there’s still something odd about robots appearing, but that’s a separate issue. This thread is complete.


Yes. I never saw the floating-to-sky or dropping-through-floor thing. But runners disappearing during fights happens a lot. It is only runners for me. Earlier I reported a tank disappear. But I am not so sure anymore as it never happened again.

And the corpses disappearing has been in the game (multiplayer bug) before that.

Hm, possibly. It is only runners for sure. Often in proximity to Harvesters.

I suppose.

That is not true, I think. I had some situations where I had killed a runner very quickly and it took a while to deal with the others, due to hunters, or something. The first dead runner then stayed when the others disappeared. Happened a few times.

Maybe. Maybe it doesn’t happen if all but one are unaware of you? I couldn’t say.

Other than that it seems completely random to me. Sometimes it happens very quickly in the beginning of a fight, sometimes it happens after 3 of 4 dogs are dead. Does not depend on enemy tier either, as you have noted. It does not even depend on the enemy you are currently engaging with. It can be a long distance shot or the runner is in mid-air during his jump attack. Does not matter.

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Yes , i can verify that all your points are true (it has happen also to me as you understand ) aslo it can happen with prototypes and military classes too .

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I’ve seen them vanishing in plain sight. A Runner ran up to me and just pop, it disappeared. Like it despawned. Very strange.


+1 to that.

I was dealing with FNIX harv, just NE of Muskudden naval base, at the relay beacon spawn loc on the 3-way road intersection (no relay beacon at there at that time) and i 1st took out the RPG runner. I dropped 2nd runner as well and the two remaining ones were running towards me. The closest runner to me got about half-way towards me when it disappeared at the middle of the run. :astonished: Not only did the running one disappeared, but the 2nd one who was live and the 2x i killed also disappeared at that instant.

I didn’t damage the harv at all and once it’s entourage disappeared, only then i started to deal with harv. Dropped it and looted it without issues.

That was the 1st time i saw runners disappearing in my SP game. But before that, i’ve seen runners disappearing quite a bit in MP game (post-alpine unrest and i was client).

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More often in co-op, perhaps? That’s interesting.
I wonder if there are other glitches that we see first that indicate everything is becoming unstable?

I’ve been seeing it a lot recently. Perhaps because my map has been taken over by harvesters. 95% of my rivals are now harvesters for some reason. 80% of the robots I run into seem to be harvesters+escort.

The most notable time the snap happened to me was when I got backed up at the tractor next to the gas tank at Granhygget by a rocketdog. It painted me with the laser, I braced myself for the impending fire and then whoosh… fresh air and silence. Deus ex machina.

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I am now having machines appear just like the dogs vanish - right in front of my vision. So far this is all ticks. I wonder if it’s part of the same thing that causes the vanishings or if it’s unrelated. I will be standing, not moving, looking straight ahead and all of a sudden a tick will appear just ahead, very close. Not close enough to instantly attack me but probably right on the edge of that detection zone. It got really bad today in the Marshland region. One even appeared out of nowhere, instantly exploded itself and then immediately the game crashed. Maybe they have altered something in how the machines are spawned in and out for some other purpose but it has created some anomalies, or maybe these are separate issues.


Thanks, SkEyE.
It’s a feature that if you idle in houses or near houses then a tick will spawn. Is that the effect you’re seeing? I have noticed that spawn triggers for rows of houses tend to be in a small place - you can check out a couple of houses and when you reach the last suddenly there are ticks everywhere in the houses you just passed.

There has been a question raised about robots appearing out of thin air. I’m not sure if it’s a related issue. Yesterday I took on a harvester rival in the south coast, and the escort vanished. I took my time with the battle, and after a few minutes, it looked like the escort returned (what was left of it)! I’m wondering if the robots don’t die when they vanish, the just pop somewhere else, like the Philadelphia Experiment. But then more robots turned up from nowhere, so it’s not clear what’s happening.

Has anyone else seen robots coming back, either through magic or on foot?

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Yesterday ps4 solo , 3 runners vanished as they were coming for me , they were escort to harvester , bit later i shot a lot robots and went for the loot only to find 5 dogs corpse had disappeared , the 2 tanks and 3 hunters and 9 dogs battle only 4 dogs dead , , , has any one noticed tanks / harvester spawn a lot in one place like 4 harvesters and the escort dogs and tanks all in one area ? . Cheers :+1:

You’ll often meet a lot of harvesters if you tour around Bockhyttan, around -4580, 1440.

@TherotcoD, was the harvester aggroed in combat at the time the dogs vanished?

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Yes i destroyed harvester from a fair distance the dogs ran at me , they disappeared ( the length of a church ) distance for Reference , cheers flick

Flick, that’s not the effect I’m seeing. Well yes, I see that all the time, but that’s not what I was referring to.
The last few days I’ve been having Ticks spawn in when I am walking in larger buildings. Say I’m in a hall in a bunker walking forward, or even just standing still for some reason. Suddenly ticks appear several feet in front of me. I can be looking right where they did not exist and they just instantly spawn there in front of me out of nowhere. It’s pretty strange. I know ticks spawn in the game when you get close to where they are supposed to be, but they shouldn’t be teleporting into the visible space just ahead of you like that. Usually I “hear” them spawn in places like the houses you were talking about but to materialize from nothing in full view is… odd.

Ok. I had that problem in bunkers when I had put the power back on, but hadn’t left the bunker. Every time I approached a spawn point a tick would appear right in front of my eyes (on command once I found the “tripwire”). Is this something else?

And the houses business, sometimes they spawn in plain sight.

I wouldn’t say that. It happens to me all the time and currently I rarely play co-op. Sometimes I am tempted to wait until the dogs sign off before attacking the harvester.

Not that I know of.

I am 100% sure they don’t die and that they return. That happened to me a couple of times. But that is only runners. The one I had reported appearing out of thin air was a hunter.

I had many situations where loot boxes spawned in very late while I was already looting a room. Might be something similar. But they alway seem to spawn in only when I look away. That was particularly remarkable once when I was looting one of those locked small ammo cubes.

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I found the trigger. Bug report incoming.
(Spoiler - it’s just killing one dog and waiting a short time.)

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You got me real curious! :slight_smile:

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Some time ago, there was a bug affecting Vesslan command bunker. In Vesslan, near the safehouse room, there was 3x proto ticks standing guard. When you 1st got there, you cleared them out. But every time you fast traveled to Vesslan and just after exiting the safehouse room and crossing certain point, those three ticks were spawned in. One just behind you and two at the front of you. Two out of the three instantly aggrod at you and jumped you.

Of course, those three ticks weren’t the only ones spawning in at Vesslan. If you had the bunker unlocked and made your way down of spiral staircase (towards generator room), once you came back up from the stairs and exited the small room, tick spawned in just left from you, in the wider corridor.

That bug was in the game for 1-2 months until it eventually got patched out. It could be possible that the same (or the very least, a very similar one) has returned to the game.

Make note where the ticks spawn in. Is it always the same loc or random. Also, make note if ticks spawn in once per session or every time you visit that loc (by session i mean continus gameplay without exiting into main menu).

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This thread is done. I have a full demonstration over at Bug, Disappearing Harvester Escorts.
I think there are other issues about robots appearing and disappearing, but it’s not this specific issue.

Since the November patch corpses have been plentiful in the cold snow. But when it comes to machine remains the opposite seems to be the case.

After playing a lot of MP both before and after the update I can firmly conclude that destroyed machines are removed from the game world really fast. Sometime you kill 2-3 hunters only to find one remaining destroyed machine when the dust settles.

I would consider it a fairly serious bug as it affect gameplay a lot. I’m back to looting a lot of boxes, cars and containers again for stuff. Before the update I could usually ignore most of them as the loot from the destroyed machines where enough for me .

Plattform: PC
OS: Win 10
GFX: 1080 TI
4K playing on Ultra settings

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That does also apply to living enemies, just happened to me. 4 FNIX runners attacked me. I killed 1 really fast. A couple of seconds after I killed the 2nd one it and the other two remaining living enemies just vanished from the earth. Others have reported that as well.

EDIT: Could you rename your title in “Enemies living or dead vanish” or something? I was just in the process of creating such a thread when I saw yours.