[Disappearing Weapons] Accidentally dropping weapons into dead enemy loot containers while looting

just a PSA to everyone. until this is fixed remember to backup often.

I unplugged one of my external hard drives to see if it was an issue causing a friend to not be able to connect and the game didn’t recognize any of the DLCs for a moment.

I lost all of the 5 crown US WEAPONS PACKAGE.




1.Did you try repairing the devise? (Software speaking, not literal hardware)
2. Did you contact the company?
3. Was the extended storage still on when you unplugged it? Or was the PlayStation/X box/PC turned off, which in turn would turn off the extended storage?

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Platform: XBox One S

Description: I unloaded a bunch of old attachments from my storage box to free up space and my 50 cal lost its attachments and can’t attach anything to it anymore. This happened the same time as the storage box glitch in my earlier post.

Steps To Reproduce: just the above

Images / Videos: 20210215_105825

Host or Client: single player. No hosting.

Players in your game: just me

this will be fixed tomorrow in the update

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Thats good news :blush: thanks

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Any one else had all their experimental weapons held in storage disappear after the last update ?. Still have the ones i am carrying but all else gone.

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Same issue topics merged.


The Gen Zero help rep instructed me to delete my game save data on my device and restore from the cloud.

Unfortunately it was to late for that to work since I had already played far beyond that point.

The system was off when I removed the storage.

It appears as if the system was attempting to runthe game off of the primary external HD and the DLC off of the secondary HD.

When I removed the the secondary HD from the system and started the game back up.

The game still had me in a session with all US WEAPONS equipped.

There was a notice that popped saying some had changed regarding content…

At this point I realized that something bad was about to happen…

I hard quit the game.

When I restarted all DLC and my acquired US WEAPONS PACKAGE were all gone…

I have since spent the last few days farming them again have found all but the N16 5 Crown mag again.

Right now, I decided to get onto generation zero and play. Once I got on I noticed my 5 crown n9 as well as my 5 crown n16 were missing both weapons had max gold attachments. Before I got on the game, I was playing offline since my internet went out about a few hours ago. Now that I’m online and playing both of the things I’ve grinded for are gone without a trace. I play on xbox and my gt is SySkj if anyone would give me a gold (5 crown) N16 or a gold N9 on xbox I would really appreciate it. I don’t feels like grinding so hard since the drop rates are very low

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Same issue topics merged.


I gotta spare N9 for you

**Platform: Xbox Series X

**Description: Lost my experimental P90. I logged off. When I started up the game the next day, it was gone. I was over encumbered, and out in the field when I logged off. Dont know if the game didnt like that as you can’t fast travel in that state, and that caused it.

**Steps To Reproduce: No idea!

**Images / Videos: None

**Host or Client: Single player so Host I guess!

**Players in your game: Alone

**Specifications: XBSX

I already spent a whole day trying to grind the n16, haven’t found it yet really wish they would just increase the spawn rate.

I have a spare, message me on XBL - Alias DJA

I’m home for the next 6 hours

After grinding daily for it, I picked up my 2nd N16 yesterday.

It is a very, very tough loot drop item

  • for reference - non rival, Apoc Harvester Britvik Camping ( West of Osterhallen ), Himfjall

I’m SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF, I’ve just lost one of my experimental weapons for no reason what so ever, I carry 3 primary’s all experimental, kvm 59, pvg90 and automatgavar 4. I had the kvm and pvg selected with the auto 4 as backup, when after playing for some time I went to unload loot at the locker I discovered my ah 4 had disappeared. It took ages to find one of those and I’m now proper pissed off :rage:

I’m on PS4 it happened in the farmland region I was grinding from the airport across to west of mullvadsberget tunnels I had been playing for about an hour or so before I realised my ag 4 was gone
Now tonight I just took on a reaper asotungen safehouse, solo, killed it went to collect the loot but it dropped absolutely nothing at all

BTW what’s going on with the experimental drops, all I’m getting is experimental clothing over and over and over again…

@Jaytoker, sorry to hear you are having issues, but please keep in mind to be civil while on the forums.
I’ve edited your post to remove profanity. Hopefully this issue will get sorted soon.


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