[Disappearing Weapons] Accidentally dropping weapons into dead enemy loot containers while looting

And there it is, third time losing a valuable weapon. This time the experimental 50 cal with golden attachments. I noice that both PC and Xbox players experience the same issue. I play on PS4.

I am sorry to say this game is now unplayable. I just lost interest in Generation Zero. I will contact Avalanche Studios and demand a refund of the money spent since it is not enjoyable with serious bugs like this.

I have to say that I will not spend my money on Avalanche products in the futuere. Better to go fpr the larger studios who actually seem to manage better quality control.

Eh, that sucks. Sorry you’re disappointed, personally I haven’t seen this bug at all,
maybe I’m just lucky :man_shrugging: Sadly I don’t know how PSN refunds work, but best of luck with it.

Everyone, let’s try keep this topic to reports about this issue from now on, yeah?
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Okay, so I know there’s the drop rate glitch…I’m absolutely angry. I own the US Weapons DLC and my weapons keep disappearing out of my inventory and Plundra(PS4) I’ve been playing since day 1 and I feel like I’m getting scammed. I’m tired of farming for the 5c and then having them disappear. I’ve lost the n9 n60 and their mags respectively.

My US Weapons keep disappearing out of my
Inventory. I own the DLC. My 3c disappeared out of the plundra. And I’ve lost the 5c n9 and n60 and their mags respectively. I spent the money in the dlc why in the heck can’t I use the weapons? -.-

PS4 related. Fix please

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I found all the experimental weapons but lost them some how and cannot find them or regeneration them.
What the hell happened??? It has ruined my playing. I wish somehow you could install a previous session before I lost them. Any ideas or help

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Ok so this is weird, I was looting an ammo box at nasby farm and afterwards ran out of the barn and fought a few bots . I went for my Exp sniper rifle and it was gone! I remembered seeing it flash up in my inventory when i was looting the ammo box and figured i had dropped it so, i spawned back to nasby looked around the barn and it wasnt there. My heart sunk but then i noticed the ammo box i had looted was shut…I opened it and there was my exp sniper rifle and all its components ! I was relieved to say the least, but how did this happen? Anyone else encounter this bug?

Explanation from another topic:


I recommend picking up everything from a box. If you select what you want you could transfer items to the box by mistake. Been there done that. So I take all and when I’m getting heavy I dump stuff I don’t need.

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Yeah but it shouldn’t have thrown my weapon in an ammo box. It’s a weird bug plus if I had lost it, it would have taken forever to find another let alone the attachments. The drop rate for exp weapons is damn near non existent as of late. Has this bug been around long? I am on PC and use an xbox controller, too lazy for a keyboard.

My friends having same issue, at first I thought he was looting and accidentally storing weapon in machines, however it’s happening, I wish this could be fixed as I have spares to give him but there running out :persevere:PS4

It is not a bug. Instead it’s player error.


When loot widow is open, you have 3 methods for transferring loot on PC with KB/mouse:

  1. Slowest and quite safe - With mouse, you click and drag the preferred item over your inventory tab. If there’s more than 1 item to be transferred, transfer window pops up, where you can choose how many you want to transfer, by sliding the slider with mouse and afterwards clicking “Transfer” button.
    As far as i know, this isn’t available for controller.

  2. Fastest and safest - Press “R” key to “Take All”.
    With this, there is 0 chance of you accidentally dropping something into loot container.

  3. Faster but very risky - Press “E” to transfer highlighted item (usually the topmost in the list) to your inventory. And once the transfer pop-up appears, pressing “E” again will transfer the entire stack. If there is only one item to be transferred (e.g weapon or 1 first aid kit), transfer window doesn’t appear, instead, item is moved over with initial “E” press.

3rd method is the issue. And there are 2 ways how it can become an issue:

  1. At any given point of time, when loot window is open and if you happen to select/highlight any weapon in your inventory without noticing it, and then press “E” to transfer that loot item you think you want to transfer, your weapon will be transferred into loot container instead.
    I haven’t personally experienced this error but it is a possibility.

  2. When you pick up items from loot container one-by-one, with “E” key, and you are ending up picking up all items, the empty loot container loot window will remain open and next item that is automatically selected is your weapon in the top of your inventory list. Usually, it’s 6* .50 cal but it could be any weapon (e.g: i’ve had 6* Klaucke on top of my list). And if at that moment, you press “E” again, your weapon will be transferred to the loot container, without transfer pop-up window, since it’s considered as single item.
    I once moved my 6* AG4 into loot container this way but i catched it at the same moment. :sweat_smile:
    Usual way of this happening is when the last item in the loot container is single item (e.g weapon of 1 first aid kit/land mine/grenade) and you’ve used to picking up loot with double tap of “E” (to move stacks). Once you end up to the last single item, and you double-tap “E”, the single item is moved over, your 1st item in your inventory is automatically selected (weapon), and it is transferred to loot container. If you do that fast enough + closing the loot window with “Esc”, you won’t even notice that you moved your weapon into loot container.

To avoid me making a mistake when looting, i’m using a combination of 2nd and 3rd methods:

  • If loot container has all i need, i press “R” to take all.
  • If loot container has some/most what i need, i pick the preferred items up by “E” and once i got what i needed, while still leaving some in there, i close the loot window with “Esc”.
  • However, if at 1st i think i want some items, by picking them with “E” but ending up getting all of them, at the last item, i press “R” to take all. This closes the loot window automatically and there’s 0 chance that i accidentally drop something in it.

Visual evidence of my looting method can be seen from my video here: N60 and N16 in inventory doesn't spawn ammo at 00:21. There, i pick up 1st and 2nd stack with “E” but 3rd stack with “R”.

I hope the above explanation isn’t too messy and you folks have now better understanding of this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s that about accidentally storing weapons in the machines?

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If you loot a machine sometimes hitting wrong button will store weapons in the machine rather than looting, possibly causing loss of weapon!
PS4-5 we loot with take all option, Like I said earlier I don’t know if this is issue with your losses but one possible!

I’m sorry miss but it’s a bug, that should not exist ,not player error. I’m sure they will fix it in the future because it’s a known issue that has been acknowledged.

You may see it as a bug but i see it as a player error. Since if you mess up game commands, this issue can happen.

Also, this didn’t exist in old, grid-based inventory system. When the new, list-based inventory system came, you now can put stuff back to the loot container and that isn’t a bug. Instead, it’s intended feature.

The problem is that it can happen unintentional, without you knowing. I don’t mind the feature even though I personally have no use for it, but it would be helpful if the action was indicated more clearly to the player, e.g. by the sound of things being taken apart, by visually showing that the weapon is dropped, or simply by adding a delay to the action.

It seems to me that quite a few players have lost a treasured weapon on this account, and I’m sure that was never the intention when adding the feature.

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Yeah, the new inventory system needs a polish.

Perhaps a pop-up window appears when you’re putting stuff back into loot containers, so that you have to confirm the move? :thinking: Similar when you’re recycling stuff, a warning pop-up asks if you’re sure.

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