[Discussion]Should they add a Safe House at Saltholmen Naval Bunker?

I always found it peculliar, that the SNB was lacking a Safe House.
While there is room in the lower Docking Area, it was never placed there.

Adding a Safe House there would, IMHO, be logical.


I totally wouldn’t mind a safehouse being there, but there is one in a barn… a grenade throw away :wink:

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WOOW… you throw mighty far… :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, that is somewhat true, still, the SNB is far enough from it to get one there…
Do you disagree?

I’ve seen several spots on the map which i think would be great to house a safehouse. However, adding more safehouses fills the map up too much.


Well, as it seemed logical, I thought to put this up, and see who thinks what about it.
Not just because most bunkers have that option, but more since the SNB’s location, and missions there.

Who said that the safehouse must be in the convenient place? :thinking:

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Well, the Law of Convenience, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no such thing as: “Law of Convenience”. Moreover, this sounds like a made up excuse to be lazy.

In any event, when i come across those good spots that i think could be safehouses, i’ll post their pics here.

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Err… did you miss the smiley, miss?
It was a joke…

I did not. :wink:

Though, my style of writing and finding the humor in it is difficult since i don’t use emoticons that often. Maybe i should :thinking:, since else-ways, i sound too serious. :smile:

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In that case, my apologies.
I missed it.

Being autistic, I tend to take the things literally, which is why, I myself, include emoticons.
Makes things more obvious.
I firmly believe, emoticons were made for with in mind. XD