Dismantling Resistance Home Base for wood recycling

Because wood has apparently become a rare commodity, I wondered if it was possible to (partially) break down a Resistance Home Base and recycle it in one way or another.

I have some bulky (and therefore inefficient) bases that I want to eliminate.

Yes you can…piece by piece.

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Ah, and then I get wood in my inventory?

Why is wood a rare commodity? You can literally find it everywhere.
It does take some time to get some, and you need to run to you goals, not fast travel.
It is not rare but spread out, but I collect it all the time when I traverse the map.


Same here, I collect a lot while walking/running.
Read about it in a topic - not so many places to find wood obviously nowadays.

I’ve made a lot of not really good choices in my bases and even metal doors/walls require wood.
So they have to go on a diet.

But maybe you know this: when I dismantle a structure - ány structure - do I recieve recycled materials in my inventory?

I don’t know actually, but I believe it goes directly into the recycling station. Everything else wouldn’t be logical.

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Ok, than it isn’t lost - that’s good to know.

If you look at a building piece, and scroll to dismantle, it will show how much you have in your backpack and Recycling box together, and also how much you gain. In this case I would gain 2 wood and 2 Textile. It should go to your recycling, but I don’t know what happens when the box get full. So be careful.


When tearing down your base, or base components, the recovered resources first go into your recycling box…and, if it gets full, the resources then start going into your backpack. Check your box, and your backpack—if both are nearly full, dismantling your base can quickly put you overweight and render you immobile. At least, that is how it worked at some point before—think it still is that way.

If you have a base you want to completely abandon, I’m pretty sure you can interact with the radio truck (your base’s core structure) and see what resources will be recovered if you opt to scrap the entire base at once. I haven’t ever scrapped a fully built up base before, so I don’t know if you’ll recover the full value of everything if you do it all at once from the truck.

As for finding wood naturally, the saplings that show up around the world do so randomly. They may be more or less common in different places at different times. I think they’re randomly spawned each time you start the game and load in. At the very least, they aren’t ALL in the same places all the time.

Alternatively, there are a few locations around the world where wood may be found regularly. Search around Tyloveden (the outskirts, away from the buildable area but surrounding it), Sjoglimten (the barn, and the fishing shacks), Hammargarden (the snack bar/info kiosk, and the boat houses/garages), for just a few examples of where you can find wood every two hours or so.

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Might be worth looking into, thanks! Have never seen this possibility before, but I’ll check this.

If you have the Resistance Weapons Pack, wood isn’t rare at all…


I have the RWP. But I learned here that I used too much on my bases.

But every question results in a lot of interesting answers, tips/suggestions etc.
So thank you all!

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