Searching for wood

I jumped off because I wanted to.

As for the other locations, I was un aware of those wood piles. Thanks for the info. The other materials are also useful, though not for that specific run.

Well, okay! Me, I hate dying. :scream:

Oh and there’s a tenth pile of wood. Go to the rock with the three wood piles behind it, come back out, cross the front of the base, up to the radio mast. Just beside it (on the very top of the hill) there’s another one. So, there’s ten wood, five steel, three tungsten, and two copper in each run.

Here’s all 10 wood piles in one video, with 26 wood in total:
(Note: i might have missed some Textile.)

Would be so much better if could just chop up the wooden picnick table? Or tear down the wooden shelves in a house? Or why not get the wooden doors for the barns? Or all the wooden crates? or the wooden fecnes running alongside most fields? Or wait, we have trees in this game!

Replace wood with something better for base defence. Screws or nails maybe? Would make so much more sense to find those in a toolbox, or backpack.

By the way, the first bunker you ever come to on the Archipelago (just over the bridge) has suitcases and backpacks inside and out, and is a pretty good farm for wood.

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Its also amazing how people can post in this thread and still fail to see the ironic point that there is plenty of wood in every picture posted in the OP. Much more than could ever fit into a suitcase or a backpack, yet it is unavailable to the player.

I totally agree on the bug fixing… except I have lost all hope for that since they haven’t fixed simple issues in over two years now.

Screws, bolts, or nails would be a much better resource realistically. (and they all could be found in toolboxes and backpacks realistically)

Also pls read the full OP next time snipergirl. It is in the code of conduct.

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It’s all about balance. Since SystemicRnx became part of Generation Zero - it became a lot more visible.

Now I will say that I do hold my own issues regarding how base building came about… but it’s their party.

You can of course request a song here → Feedback/Feature Requests - Generation Zero Forum

  • And thank you for the vid @Aesyle
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Well, that seems to have been fixed too. Warping to and from and no wood respawn.

Wood and timber is, like, the biggest resource and export from Sweden so making it rare to get in the game makes absolutely no damn sense at all.

Talking about the wood in gz is that ehen I’m building my base I try to make the storage box or the recycling station bot I need wood longs, how do I get those?

What materials did you use to make the storage box?

Open your building menu when you are at your basecamp. The materials what you need is shown there

15S25125 31N20 1141923E18 1415 1315R5

Where did you find all the wood I cant find any

With the Landfall Update out, you can now find wood saplings in the forest that provide wood. They are all over the place, and can be gathered quite easily.

Still, would have made more sense to make wooden pallets lootable for, say, 10 ish wood. :wink:

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I find too much wood now because I can’t not take every tree I see ha

you can find small trees in areas off road where there are lots of large trees those can be harvested by holding e and they will give you wood they are relatively common and can be found pretty much anywhere on the map with a good amount of trees in areas off the road or gravel paths you can also find flares and fireworks everywhere they don’t allways have too much of a use but they give you alot of wood and adhesive when recycled i litterally just recycled 40 of fireworks 30 flares and 30 sticky flares and got about 50 wood from each stack so you can get lots from that too the math may not be correct but i think i remember getting 150 from those three stacks it may have been less though

Best tip for gathering wood:

  • Get Resistance Weapon Pack
  • Collect Resistance Flare Arrows for the bow
  • Equip bow and Flare Arrows
  • Use an Ammo Box - this will generate 3*20 Flare Arrows (60 in total)
  • Deconstruct 60 Flare Arrows for 60 Adhesive and 120 Wood
  • Rinse and repeat
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lol rinse and repeat don’t know where that came from but lol i can see repeat but i don’t know how rinse would have any effect tho lol its good enough of a explaination to get the point though i can’t try it though because i don’t have that pack to be honest

if your able to get to the island far north using propane tanks, you will notice there are wood sticks to pick up, and only wood sticks, there is nothing else

This is how I got most of my wood. I never use throwables, I find them too hard to aim (with controller) and I’m too busy aiming with my guns to switch to another type of weapon. This ment I had a hundreds of flares in my inventory (mule character) since I started the game a few months ago. Now I recycle all the flares right away and they are plentiful when looting.

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