Display of Number of Weapons Found

Since the Landfall update, the display of the number of weapons found at F23 Air Base and Östervik Gamla Stan is weird.

The one in Gamla Stan I picked up too and got 3 gun out of 2. Indeed a strange total.

But for the Överby airbase there are really 6 guns. There 4 in the outside area and two more in the bunker. The 2 guns in the bunker were there first. Then later in a revamp update (may 2021 maybe?) the 4 in the outside area were added.

A friend has one location, where he found 2 of 1 collectibles, but actually I don’t know which.

Probably this one (bottle) south of Littotp doing the Landfall playthrough. I found this collectable active even though I already had all of them. I didn’t pick it up though. I liked it being there.

You can check if it’s there for you too.

Yes, there are 2 weapons that I found in the F23 bunker (Pvg90 and M/49). From memory, it’s related to the “Flying Blind” mission that I finished.
Before the Landfall update, the map showed me 2/2 at the bunker and 4/4 at the airbase… Really weird…

So you’re saying you had collected 6 weapons before the landfall update, and now it shows only 4/6?

yes that’s exactly it.

For me it went the other way around. Before Landfall my count showed 4/6 at F23, and the Landfall update fixed it for me. But I still have 0/1 relay beacon at the crater bunker which isn’t there. That was not fixed.
(see pics)

I found 2 or 3 bottles in the usual places.

Ok, I might do a run today past all ten while they are still there, just for fun.

I also had this beacon problem at the crater bunker. This did not happen in a new game. So I suspect these issues with counts occur with pre-update saves.