Distance between players

I´ve got a question about the distance between players in multiplayer.Is it me or is this only a thing on pc and xbox where you see the distance given between players right next to the player´s nametag?I play on playstation and never seen this in my game.

Do note that when player is near you, distance isn’t shown, e.g:

Once player gets further away, distance is shown (left side of the screen):

(Both screens are mine, from another topic.)

Yeah i´ve seen this on stream and in videos,both xbox and pc have this.But on ps4 there is no distance shown,even if the player is far away from me.Been playing the game since the beginning,so it seems like only PC and Xbox have this feature

BTW the player in my screenshot was far away from me

Also on Ps4. Never seen any distance marker for other players. But I haven’t checked if it’s something I can switch on in settings. But I don’t believe that option exist.

That’s new for me, since i thought the player distance is shown on all platforms. :thinking:

My best guess, it isn’t shown on PS4 due to the additional, needless load, it puts on the console hardware.

The Hunter: CotW displays player distance in multiplayer, feels like a thing that should be in GZ as well.