Distant objects Blurry

things that are just a couple of hundred meters away are VERY blurry, don’t know if this is a glitch or something but it’s annoying and makes walking around in the open damn near unbearable.

Make distant objects as in focus as everything else. It just feels like a broken depth of field setting in its current state.

Yeah I agree, its absolutely horrible not being able to see just a few hundred feet away and it’s really annoying seeing the amazing graphics downgraded by the blurryness of everything.

Set the anti-aliasing setting to only FXAA. That helps a good bit.

I’m guessing, at extreme ranges it’s got to do with rendering distant landscapes. But I’ve not noticed it so close before, I figure it may be worth to tinker with the graphics settings and see what changes.

I have a similar problem but it also affects closer objects. It looks like everything you’re not aiming at is blurry.
Look here I made some screenshots where the object is on the side of my FOV and whereI direclty look at it:

It is like there is a spherical area around our crosshair where all objects are sharp. Outside of this area the objects are getting more blorry. I have the feeling that the farer the object is away from my crosshair the more blurry it becomes. so the max effect is in the corners.

Do you have the same problem? Is it included in a grafics option?

Maybe it is intended to increase the immersioin but devs, if you read this, I guess 99% of all players don’t want blurry objects (including me). That’s also the reason why 99% of all FPS players disables Motionblur immediatelly. It is annoying and it only gives you a disadvantage against other players.