Distortion on 4* scopes makes them worse than 3* options


There seems to be an odd distortion effect on 4* (Exceptional) scopes which makes them far worse from a visual quality perspective than 3* (Good) scopes.

So this is the view from a 3* scope (6-12), you can see (beyond some minor scratches) the view is clear

And this is the view from a 4* scope, where the middle of the view is distorted to almost cartoonish levels

This seems (to me) like the shader mask for the distortion layer on the 4* scope has been accidentally inverted (somewhere), so it’s applying the distortion to the center of the field of view instead of becoming progressive stronger at the edges of the view.

This is on Steam/PC [Latest version, with April hotfix]


I don’t see distortion in the center of either picture. There is a ring of distortion around the edge but the center is clear. I do find it distracting and not realistic at all as a high quality scope presents the shooter with a crystal clear image IRL. But, that said, it shouldn’t matter as you should focus on the center of the image where the target should be.

Rather, how about just removing the distortion all together? It makes no sense and adds nothing.


Did you open the originals? The light poles look like they’re being teleported on Blakes 7

As 4K images resampled down to ~500px wide you almost can’t see it in the forum embedded view.


Right so after a lot of scope collecting;

Plus 6 more on my other character I have only seen the problem on the following three so far;

4* 2-4x pistol scope
4* 6-12x rifle scope
4* 8-16x rifle scope

Still trying to find shotgun and the 4-8x scopes

None of the 1-4x rifle scopes seem to have the inverted distortion